Burgundy Wave Jokes, Memes & Whatnot

Burgundy Wave has been around for a while and we have gotten a couple of long-standing jokes through the times. Here's a few of them.

Burgundy Wave was originally founded in July 2010, and after being around for over two years (with new writers being added all the time) we've developed a couple of long-standing jokes around the community. Of course, being a small community we're not rivaling the big sites on the SB Nation network but it's still good to know that we have our fair share of fun running gags.


Scott Palguta Memorial Depth Meter - Scott Palguta was a really bad player on the Rapids from 2009-2012, and he stuck around so long despite all the odds that we figured he would never leave. In his honor, we started up a depth chart rating based on how quickly the team was liable to reach Palguta-level players due to injury.

Humberto Suazo - One of UZ's favorite players in the world, also knocked RSL out of the Champions League in 2011 to further our love for the guy. Pretty much any time we can make up a rumor that gets him to Colorado, we do it. Not always as a player, either!

BENITEZ FACE - FC Dallas defender Jair Benitez makes really wacky faces while playing, many of which show up in Getty's image archive. Expect to see several instances of BENITEZ FACE every time Colorado plays Dallas, and the original picture of Benitez pushing Jamie Smith away every time UZ gets an excuse.

'Clog N' Hoof' - Gary Smith's preferred style of soccer.

'Sexy Football' - Oscar Pareja's preferred style of soccer.

At Least He Didn't Do It 'In Anger' - MLS' reasoning for why Brian Mullan deserved the longest suspension in the league's history even as similar incidents that, coincidentally, didn't involve Sounders players, garnered minimal suspensions and fines.

RSL'd - To be in a position where you are going to get points from a game, only to have something happen at the last second, often in a controversial manner, to end up losing points instead. Essentially describes how all but one Colorado vs. Real Salt Lake game has gone since about 2008. On rare occasions, Colorado will RSL another team. That team is pretty much always Montreal.

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