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Colorado slumps into Dallas needing a point (or three)

Jair Benitez will eat your soul.
Jair Benitez will eat your soul.

Beating FC Dallas is not an easy task. Only two teams have managed to do so, both of them highly talented Supporters Shield contenders - New York Red Bulls and the LA Galaxy. Even more incredibly for Dallas, both of those losses were over 18 games ago. Dallas' 18 game unbeaten streak in a single season is tied for the longest ever in MLS history.

In come the Colorado Rapids, at 11-8-8, sporting a mediocre at best road record and coming off a vital loss at home to the worst team in the league. Can they grab a point or three from this game?

Colorado should be playing their A-listers as it were today, after losing the DC United game with several of their usual back ups working the pitch for the full 90 minutes. Julien Baudet might also be back in the defense, providing some much needed size in the back four. Anthony Wallace will be the most likely candidate to be removed when Baudet returns to the line up. If not, I expect the same line we've been seeing the past few serious games of Wallace, Moor, Wynne and Kimura.

Colorado and Dallas tied 1-1 earlier in the season as Julien Baudet scored an own goal and Mehdi Ballouchy converted a penalty kick after a Dallas handball in the box. I think most Rapids fans would agree that another such 1-1 game would be plenty fine by us... although I'd prefer they skip the own goal part. Dallas is certainly good at getting draws, they have the most in the league this season by far with 13.

If the Rapids manage by some wizardry to win this thing and the Kansas City Wizards draw or lose to the Sounders, the Rapids clinch a playoff spot. So go Seattle! (Yes, I did feel dirty typing that.)