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Watch Dillon Serna's goal again and again

Let's just watch Dillon Serna's supervolley over and over, shall we?

Some teams in Major League Soccer haven't even had one great homegrown player storm through and become a starter on their team yet. The Colorado Rapids are lucky enough to have two such players, and one of them took the world by storm yesterday with a perfectly executed volley.

Essentially everything else about yesterday's game -- and, if we're extending it a bit, the last three games prior to that as well -- but Dillon Serna's goal was enough to give us something to smile about. Let's just watch that goal a few hundred times a piece and then head over to the Goal of the Week competition so that we can each vote for it another couple hundred times.

It's probably a bad sign that the best things about this year offensively have been wondergoals like this and Jose Mari's physics-killer from earlier in the season, but that's a discussion for another day. For now, LOOK AT THE VOLLEY!