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VIDEO: Danny Mwanga Featured On Episode 5 Of 'MLS Insider'

MLS' new show, MLS Insider, features a bit on Rapids striker Danny Mwanga today. The entire segment will be posted online post-show, and we have it here.


Along with bits on Micheal Bradley's career at AS Roma, a bit about Tony Meola's failed career with the New York Jets and the new MLS team in New York City that is coming soon, the latest edition of MLS Insider, which is airing as I type this, features a bit on new US citizen and Rapids striker Danny Mwanga. Since I'm writing this just as the show is ending, you can see the segment below.

The entire segment can be watched below, and you can also find it at the following spots, along with everything that MLS Insider has put out since its first episode (copy and pasted straight from the email that MLS sent me letting me know about this!).

Note: The embedded video here should work right about now, since the show has just ended.