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Soccer Dreaming

It was all a dream: Going Away to Seattle

Being an away fan and erstwhile soccer journalist on the road was every bit as fantastic as I had imagined.

Soccer Could Use Some Card Reform, Pt 2

Yesterday I went over the concept of introducing Orange Cards into football. Today's effort at improving game management and fairness: Team Cards.

Soccer Could Use Some Card Reform: Pt 1

The rules of soccer, while overwhelmingly fair and effective, still could use some improvement. Here's a couple suggestions for the FIFA Rules Committee.

Can We Have A Conversation About Pro/Rel Week?

I know it's the proverbial four letter word.

Thirteen Reasons Why Attendance Was Lousy Last Saturday

And how the supporters and the Rapids can make it better.

Soccer Dreaming: Pro/Rel CAN work in the USA

But John, the Rapids would have been relegated...

Soccer Dreaming: A Champions Tournament

Come on US Soccer: MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

No Need For MLS To Play During The Break

SPOILER ALERT: A Simple Solution From The Rocky Mountains

Has Progress Been Made In Salaries In MLS?

Kind of weird when your salary becomes public information

A Tough MLS Schedule Equals a Tougher MLS

The world recognizes the difficulty of MLS' travel schedule (along with playing in the summer months). This unique aspect on the world stage is both a blessing and a curse for soccer in America.

Soccer Dreaming: Building A Better MLS!

This is the first in a semi-occasional series on how the staff at Burgundy Wave would build a better MLS. Today's topic: The Single Table and Why it Would be Awesome!