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Rapids Backpass

Backpass: The Cold Open

We didn’t beat the reigning MLS champs, but the takeaway was still positive for the Colorado Rapids.

Backpass: A obituary for the 2017 Season

A bad season is now over.

Backpass: Scenes from a Finale

Even when the soccer wasn’t memorable, there are lots of other things from this year that were. Like tifo.

Backpass: The Softness and the Sorrow

Let us mourn 2017 a little. Go on, put on your fuzzy slippers, make some cocoa, and allow yourself to be sad.

Backpass: Rising and Falling

Some players are headed into the final games of the year looking to impress. Others, less so.

Backpass: The Candidates

While the Rapids 2017 season drags to an ignoble conclusion, the candidates to manage the 2018 campaign begin to emerge.

Backpass: Strides

Colorado wins! What does it mean?

Backpass: The 4-3-3 Blues

We’re playing a new formation, and it really isn’t working. Why isn’t it?

Backpass: Dear Pablo

Whether you were #PabloOut or not, you should still read this.

Backpass: Our New VAR Overlords

A footnote in Rapids history was achieved, as Saturday marked the first-ever game result for Colorado that was decided by Video Assisted Refereeing.

Backpass: It’s gone quite pear-shaped

A deep dive into why 2016’s late winners have turned into 2017’s late collapses. Also a few words on fan frustration.

Backpass: Nowheres-ville

A blah 1-0 loss, a non-DP acquisition, and a decision not to replace the president. We’re nowhere, fans.

Backpass: Finding meaning in the void

When you finally accept your fate.

Backpass: How Kevin Doyle got his groove back

The Rapids have shifted the pieces around him for two years now, and on Saturday, they all fell into place.

Backpass: One Lump, Then Two

Colorado drops two as the defense surrenders four goals and the offense continues to sputter.

Backpass: Amp Up, Amplify, Defy

Rapids beat Timbers 2-1. Reviewing a win is better than reviewing a loss. And this one? (Kisses fingers) Mmmmwwwwah!

The US Open Cup: The Hipster Chic of Soccer

Colorado meets up in the #USOC2017 fourth round against lower-league side OKC Energy FC.

Backpass: Ramadan Mubarak

Two wins in a row and the Rapids are stepping lively, even while one of their players is skipping the lunch buffet.

Backpass: Possession isn’t everything

Playing keep-away from your opponent and dictating the tempo of the game is a pretty effective way to win games. But not always.

Backpass: Finding new ways to lose

Mostly, Colorado played away at Philadelphia quite well. But dumb mistakes and harsh referee calls doomed the team to its 8th loss in just 11 games.

Backpass: Backwards step for Colorado

The Rapids are blown away in the Windy City.

Backpass: Is this a ‘New Look’ Rapids?

Goals galore, a new formation, and a win. These are things for fans to get excited about.

Backpass: The Downward Spiral

Losing can be the result of a lack of planning, a deficit in talent, the result of a bad bounce, or a failure of confidence. Or maybe all four at once.

Backpass: Is it time to panic?

A fourth loss in a row. A lot of fan frustration. Can this team turn it around before it’s too late?

Backpass: The optimist, the pragmatist, and the pessimist

We still don’t know what the 2017 Rapids are. How you perceive them might tell you a lot about who you are, though.

Backpass: Dog poop

What a terrible ending.

Backpass: Oh, Tim

Kind of a bad game all-around for the Rapids, who drop their first match against SKC since 2015. Tim Howard also said some stuff he shouldn’t have.

Backpass: And now for something completely different

The Colorado Rapids drew Minnesota 2-2 at home, in a game that was very unrapids-y.

Backpass: Starting Strong

The Rapids outlast New England for the 1-0 victory, as the magic of the Dick endureth once more.

5 ideas to make the fan experience at DSGP better

The fan experience with the Colorado Rapids is good. It could be better.

Alan Gordon can be a hero

Sure, he’s been an MLS villain to the Rapids. But you ought to be on the Alan Gordon bandwagon if he arrives in Commerce City.

Rapids Cap-ology for 2017

Open roster spots! An open DP spot! Fistfuls of GAM and TAM! Let’s play around with the Rapids roster and see what we got! BONUS: A return of the Palguta Depth Meter!


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