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MLS SuperDraft

Draft stuff

Rapids also pick up two defenders at SuperDraft

Meet Andre Shinyashiki, DU standout & Rapids first-round pick

The forward from DU is excited to stay in Colorado and play for the Rapids.

SB Nation Soccer sites hold 2019 Mock SuperDraft, Rapids pick up Andre Shinyashiki

Could that happen in the actual SuperDraft?

A History of Rapids drafts from 2014-2018

Rapids take three in final rounds of 2018 MLS Draft

The Rapids took a goalkeeper and two forwards on Sunday.

Who did the Colorado Rapids choose in the 2018 MLS Draft?

The Rapids went with two forwards in the second round.

What you need to know about the 2018 MLS Draft

Everything from when it is (hint: it’s tomorrow) to what picks the Rapids have.

2017 Colorado Rapids SuperDraft Review

Four new players will be with the Rapids in pre-season in February. Let’s look at who they are.

Mock MLS Superdraft: What will the Rapids do?

Burgundy Wave took part in a mock superdraft with the other SBNation sites this week. So what happened? And what will happen Friday?

Rapids Cap-ology for 2017

Open roster spots! An open DP spot! Fistfuls of GAM and TAM! Let’s play around with the Rapids roster and see what we got! BONUS: A return of the Palguta Depth Meter!

Rapids pick three in round 4

Three players that may never see the first team for the Rapids, but will provide more options in preseason at the very least, were selected in the final two rounds of the Draft today.

Why the late rounds don't matter anymore

The MLS SuperDraft's first few rounds have diminished in importance slowly in the past few years, but the later rounds have diminished so quickly that they're nearly useless at this juncture. Here's the reason why.

Pros/Cons from the SuperDraft's first 2 rounds

Pablo Mastroeni's mustache aside, was the Rapids Superdraft in 2015 a success or a failure?

Rapids select Joseph Greenspan at No. 26

After selecting Axel Sjoberg to start their draft day, the Rapids used their second selection of the day to pick Navy's Joseph Greenspan.

Rapids pick Axel Sjoberg at No. 14

The Colorado Rapids went defensive (and Swedish!) with the 14th overall selection.

How to watch the SuperDraft

MLS will be providing a live stream of the MLS Superdraft.

This stream has:

2015 MLS SuperDraft Stream

The Colorado Rapids have the 19th and 26th overall picks in the MLS SuperDraft on Thursday.

MLS Draft kicks off today

The MLS SuperDraft will kick off today with the first two rounds, and the Rapids will hold two rather low picks on the first day.

Rapids gain defenders in our MLS Mock Draft

SB Nation blogs did an MLS mock draft. Burgundy Wave bolstered the Rapids defense.

MLS is rigged, long live MLS

Being intentionally vague isn't helping the view that MLS is playing with a rigged deck.

Rapids Pick Defenders In Final Draft Rounds

Colorado opted for more defenders in the final two rounds of the SuperDraft.

2014 MLS Draft: Rounds 3 & 4 To Come Today

After picking up an impressive four-player haul in the draft's first two rounds, Colorado can add a few more names to the roster on Tuesday.

Rapids Win Draft Grades Again, Still Don't Matter

The Rapids began putting plenty of resources into the draft last year, and even with Oscar Pareja out of the picture that appears to still be true. For a second straight year, Colorado is getting lauded for what appeared to be a great draft day.

Rapids Bolster Nearly Every Position

Four picks into the draft, the Rapids have bolstered nearly every position on the field.

Hairston An Attack-Minded Midfielder

Colorado's first pick in the first round is a player in the mold of Pablo Mastroeni, with a more attack-minded presence.

MLS Draft: Rapids Select John Berner At No. 35

With their second out of two picks nearly in succession (but only nearly) the Rapids selected GK John Burner with pick No. 35.

MLS Draft: Rapids Pick Jared Watts No. 33

Colorado decided to go for Jared Watts with their first of two picks in the second round.

MLS Draft: Rapids Pick Van De Casteele At No. 19

Colorado got a second pick in the first round, and used it to pick up Grant Van De Casteele out of Notre Dame.

MLS Draft: Rapids Pick Marlon Hairston No. 12

The Colorado Rapids bolstered their midfield by selecting Marlon Hairston with pick No. 12 after trading their original pick to New England.

2014 MLS Draft Preview

Colorado has three picks in the top two rounds of the SuperDraft again, but only one is in the first round this time.

MLS Mock Draft - New Possibilites For Colorado

Three new names came up for Colorado when MLS did their latest mock.

What's Colorado's Biggest Position Of Need?

The Rapids may be waiting until the SuperDraft to make any moves. Going into it, what's our biggest position of need?


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