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2012 Player Rating And Review - Tyson Wahl

Tyson Wahl joined the Rapids halfway through the season, and did absolutely nothing of note. How exciting!

Harry How

Through the month of December, Burgundy Wave will do a short review of every player who received even a paltry sum of minutes in 2012. We start with the goalkeepers and then move our way up to the forwards. Today, we'll cover Tyson Wahl.

Name: Tyson Wahl
Number: 8
Appearances: 4
Stats: 1 assist, many shed tears upon seeing his name on the team sheet

Tyson Wahl's another one of those guys that I don't think we had too many expectations for when he joined in the funhouse that was our 2012 season. He had been a backup mostly throughout his career, though he could apparently do some decent things on set pieces.

He didn't really do decent things of any sort on the 2012 Rapids. He got an assist, but played such terrible defense that it hardly mattered if he was able to do one good thing offensively in his four appearances. I mean, he was getting burned routinely in a game against Chivas USA. Chivas USA. As in, possibly the worst offense in MLS history Chivas USA. I'm kind of glad he played in that game, if only to prove once and for all that yeah, he wasn't gonna work out.

I don't think anyone is too torn up that the Rapids let the guy go, he was in danger of becoming Scott Palguta 2.0 there for a bit.




Because the Rapids season coincidentally died around the same time he showed up!