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2012 Player Rating And Review - Tyrone Marshall

Old Man Tyrone Marshall didn't have a very good season, but the guy was 37 years old. I don't think any of us really expected one.

Doug Pensinger

Through the month of December, Burgundy Wave will do a short review of every player who received even a paltry sum of minutes in 2012. We start with the goalkeepers and then move our way up to the forwards. Today, we'll cover Tyrone Marshall.

Name: Tyrone Marshall
Number: 34
Appearances: 16
Stats: 2 goals, 1 red card

So, I was talking with a Sounders fan online about halfway through the season when the team picked up Tyson Wahl, and they assured me that he wasn't all that great a player. Here's how the exchange went:

"Wahl is a great guy and is pretty useful on set pieces, but don't expect him to do much defensively."

"Well, as long as he can play defense better than Tyrone Marshall, we'll probably be good."

"Holy shit, Tyrone Marshall is still in the league?!"

That pretty much sums up his season right there, actually.

Old man Marshall is finally off the team, about one season too late. Seriously, some players keep a magic touch well into their 30's, but Marshall still playing at age 37 with the decline in speed and football sense he was suffering was more painful to watch than anything. Those two goals he scored were nice, but both came in not particularly useful situations.

Though, credit to the guy for still managing to pull in a paycheck from a professional team at his age. When I'm 37 I'll probably be dead.




Slow and painful!