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2012 Player Rating And Review - Marvell Wynne

Marvell Wynne in 2012: Pretty fast, and that was about it, sadly.

Doug Pensinger

Through the month of December, Burgundy Wave will do a short review of every player who received even a paltry sum of minutes in 2012. We start with the goalkeepers and then move our way up to the forwards. Today, we'll cover Marvell Wynne.

Name: Marvell Wynne
Number: 22
Appearances: 28
Stats: Uh. He scored an own goal at one point, I think?

If there was a player who seemed to lose all his mojo under Oscar Pareja more than any other, it was Marvell Wynne. He was a part of one of the best center back tandems in the league under Gary Smith, where he could show off his blazing speed and most of his numerous defensive mistakes were either covered by Drew Moor or were simply prevented by the stalwart pairing of Pablo Mastroeni and Jeff Larentowicz.

We always knew he wasn't that great a defender, not really, but this season was often a bit of a mess. Look no further than his stinker against San Jose late in the season -- you remember, the game where he essentially provided three assists to the Quakes because he couldn't head the ball anywhere but down into the turf? With nothing but attacking players in front of him this time around, he was pretty much just a really fast dude.

Perhaps a move to right back again, the position he played well in Toronto, would be the best thing for Marvell. It would certainly solve the personnel issue that is behind Hunter Freeman right now, and at right back you don't need to be as rock solid on defense as you do at CB. If Oscar Pareja sticks around, I have an unfortunate feeling that Wynne's defensive flaws will just keep on being an issue.