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2012 Player Rating And Review - Hendry Thomas

Hendry Thomas was pretty awesome this year, and was probably the most important re-signing of the off-season.

Doug Pensinger

Through the month of December, Burgundy Wave will do a short review of every player who received even a paltry sum of minutes in 2012. We start with the goalkeepers and then move our way up to the forwards. Today, we'll cover Hendry Thomas.

Name: Hendry Thomas
Number: 12
Appearances: 8
Stats: Some pretty awesome passing numbers.

Would it be a sad sum-up of the season to call Hendry Thomas perhaps the best player we had this season? Yeah, it probably would. That's never stopped us before, so I'm just going to say it: Thomas was brilliant this year, perhaps more-so than anyone else that Oscar Pareja brought in.

Thomas is a wonderful passer, plays rough but clean defense in the midfield and can play the 'Anchor Man' position right above the defense better than Jeff Larentowicz could ever dream of. Remember at one point when he had 190 successful passes to only 15 unsuccessful after a couple of games? That's the stuff that dreams are made of for a team that likes to possess the ball.

There's no question in my mind that Hendry was the most important re-signing of the off-season. He should be a star name on the Rapids roster for years to come.




'Nuff said.