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2012 Player Rating And Review - Jeff Larentowicz

It was a down season for Jeff Larentowicz, and he ironically devolved into Gary Smith style ball while trying to fit into Pareja's system.

Byron Hetzler-US PRESSWIRE

Through the month of December, Burgundy Wave will do a short review of every player who received even a paltry sum of minutes in 2012. We start with the goalkeepers and then move our way up to the forwards. Today, we'll cover Jeff Larentowicz.

Name: Jeff Larentowicz
Number: 4
Appearances: 32
Stats: 3 goals, 61 fouls, 8 YC, 1 RC

I think my favorite word that has been used to describe Jeff Larentowicz's season is 'fouly'. Truly, Jeff had a drop-off this season. Part of it was probably that he wasn't playing with the calm and cool Pablo Mastroeni every game any more. Part of it was probably that he was thrust into a pivot spot, a position that he clearly wasn't 100% comfortable with at the start, even though he did start to get the hang of it later on before the usual formation for the team changed.

Seriously though, Jeff turned into a fouling machine this season. His 61 fouls led the team by a whopping 20, so it wasn't even a close race for the most fouly guy on the squad! He was playing more like Wells Thompson under Gary Smith than anyone under Oscar Pareja was supposed to.

That's not to say he was bad, of course. He was still solid in the passing game and, despite being a bit more chippy than I think we're used to, was still able to put in a wonderful slide tackle now and then to win the ball back. He was consistent at least, which is all we could really ask for from someone on this season's team. Oh yeah, and he had three goals -- would have been four if Omar Cummings didn't decide he needed to hit that crap-ass penalty against the Galaxy.

Having Hendry Thomas by his side for the future won't hurt his chances at getting back to his old form next season.




Wreck em, Jeff!