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Postgame Quotes: Colorado Rapids 1-4 San Jose Earthquakes (Earthquakes Quotes)

Frank Yallop, San Jose Earthquakes head coach
On Chris Wondolowski's chances of being named the MVP:
There's no doubt. I mean he scored 25 goals in a tough league to score goals in, as any other strikers that play in this league will tell you. Then to get that many, he has a chance of beating the record now. He played wide left and wide right today so it doesn't matter where he plays. He scores goals.

On the keys to keeping Colorado from getting any momentum early in the match:
Scoring early always helps. It settles us down. What I will say is I think we pressed the ball real well today. We made it difficult for them to play.

On what it means to secure the top seed in the Western Conference:
It means everything. First of all, making plays is what you're trying to do from the start. Your main thing is trying to win the West. It was a great performance for our guys I thought, mentally. We tied at home last week and we were a little bit disappointed in that. We had a great week of practice and we said 'We're going to go for it, we're going to try and win, and take it to the opposition.' I thought we did really well today.

On finishing up before the playoffs:
We've got two games left. That's important. We've got Galaxy at home on Sunday, the following Sunday, two week's time. Then we have Portland away. Two hard games so we just want to keep doing what we've done all year. Just these last seven games, we've shown resilience when if we've lost the game, you usually come back and get a tie or a win, and that's the sign of a good team, and I think that's the sign of a team that doesn't give up. I think that's pretty much what we've done all year. We've not given up on anything and kept going.

On the game plan for the second half and continuing to attack:
I thought the next goal was going to make the difference in the game. If they score, it goes to 2-1 and you're in a little bit of trouble, so I said we can't sit back and see what happens. We've got to go out and try and, with a bit of caution, try and get the third goal. That three goal cushion is a big one to climb for any team so I thought we'd be pretty good if we got the third one, and obviously the fourth was good.

On the red card:
I was disappointed at the end Jason getting red-carded. He should have just let him score because it didn't really impact the game at all and now he's off for the Galaxy game. That was the only sort of thing we just talked about in there (locker room) that wasn't a positive.

Chris Wondolowski, San Jose Earthquakes forward
On if he's the MVP:
I'm not even sure if I'm the MVP of my team. We have so many great guys that have been doing some things. I kind of get the stats I guess, but it's definitely team-oriented. If you look at tonight, we had the "Twin Towers" [Steven Lenhart and Alan Gordon], the "Bash Brothers" playing so well, I just kind of picked up some loose balls in the box so I appreciate the work that they do. It's definitely tough work.

On what it means to see his name alongside the greats:
It's been surreal to be honest. It hasn't really sunken in. The names that I see up there are just unbelievable. Those guys are absolutely legends so it's a true honor and something that I do take a lot of pride in.

On securing the top seed for the Western Conference:
That's the biggest deal is securing top in the west, and tomorrow we'll be Columbus fans.

Alan Gordon, San Jose Earthquakes forward
On the game overall:
It's a great win for us. We knew we had to come in here and take our destiny in our own hands, and take care of business. Not wait for other teams to have results. We did our job and now we move forward.

On what was it like playing with Chris Wondolowski and Steven Lenhart:
I loved every minute of it. Wando got his goals from the outside. Lenny and I were being strong and being a handful, and it worked out tonight.

On Wondolowski breaking club record tonight (25 goals scored in a single season):
He's phenomenal, he's special. It's a pleasure to be witnessing it and to be playing next to him. It's fantastic. I'm happy for him.