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Postgame Quotes: Colorado Rapids 1-4 San Jose Earthquakes (Rapids Quotes)

Oscar Pareja, Colorado Rapids Head Coach
On the result:
No, not the way we wanted to finish the season in front of the fans. I thought for me it was great to see the fans come for a game that didn't really matter in the standings but they came to support us and they were behind us. But we didn't play today. I would say that this group has shown me all the time their heart and hard work in spite of the frustration, but today we didn't find that. And as a manager I always take the responsibility because it could be the preparation, it could be some mental thing that we could do differently or button we need to push, but it didn't happen today for sure.

On the effort from the team tonight compared to other losses:
Today I didn't see it. Today was different and that's kind of what frustrated me the most. But as I say, sometimes the players try to do it and it's a difficult stage for them, you know being out of the playoffs and out of the race sometimes it takes a lot out of you. We played against a good team as well. But that heart, I didn't see it today.

On San Jose's strike trio of Lenhart, Gordon and Wondolowski:
They're good players, they have a good team. But we're not that team that performed today. That's not us. Wondolowski is a smart player. He shows that he's sharp and he finds the net. He's a player that's always making very clever movements in behind, he's a very good player. And obviously today we gave him the space and he took advantage of it.

On Andre Akpan's performance:
He's a young player. Andre needs a lot of consistency as well and maybe more games. He fought during the game and I think the game rewarded him with a goal. Obviously there's a lot of things to make better and he knows that, but it was good to see Andre today fighting.

Steward Ceus, Colorado Rapids goalkeeper
On making his MLS debut:
It definitely feels really good to get a chance to play, and to get on the field for the first time after about three and a half years of working hard and trying to work for a spot. I've prepared mentally and physically for the last couple years, and if the call comes my way, I'm ready to play.

On giving up a goal to Chris Wondolowski:
Wondo's an avid goalscorer. That's what he does, he scores goals, and he gets a 1v1 chance, there's a really good chance of him scoring. It's not the way I wanted to come in, but I tip my hat to him, he finished his chance.

On the crowd's reaction when he came in for Matt Pickens:
It's good to know that people are excited to see me get on, and are appreciative of what Matt does on a constant basis. It was a great reception coming in, and knowing that people were excited to see me play.

Omar Cummings, Colorado Rapids forward
On the match:
It's difficult for us, when a goal is scored that early in the game. Once a goal is scored, we're always on the back foot, and probably got opened up a little more trying to get a goal. Just for us, it was always an uphill battle.

On losing momentum:
I think after the second goal we created a little better, but coming out wanting to do even better but getting scored on so early, again it just kind of knocked the wind out of you. We had to rebuild again and it's just difficult.

On having chances but not getting goals:
It's seemed like that all season, so I guess nothing has changed. Again, it's good to get any opportunities, bad not finishing.