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2013 Rapids Player Rating & Review - Kamani Hill

Kama kama kama kama kama Kamani Hill hardly heard his name called in 2013.


As we do every year, through the month of December we'll be doing ratings and reviews of every player who played even a slightly significant amount of minutes for the Colorado Rapids in 2013. We'll start from the goalkeepers and move our way up to the forwards. Today, we'll cover Kamani Hill.

Name: Kamani Hill
Number: 13
Appearances: 6 (188 minutes)
Stats: N/A

Around this time last year, I wrote an end-of-season review for Kamani Hill mentioning that I wasn't nearly as impressed with his season as other Rapids fans had been. He scored a bunch of goals against Chivas, but I didn't think that was going to be enough to earn him big minutes in 2013. Turns out I was right.

Hill got a few shouts for playing time early in the season, but wasn't able to turn them into goals like Atiba Harris was. As such, when Pareja was searching for an impact guy later on in the season, Hill never heard his name called. (Yes, I really do think that's why Harris got so many minutes and Hill got almost none. Early production!)

Really not all that much more to say about him. 2014 is going to be interesting, with Hill being one of the three or four fringe guys at forward. He clearly does have some talent, and I can't imagine that Hill will want to stick around if he is only getting 200 minutes a season.




And when he woke up, the season was already over!