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2013 Rapids Player Rating & Review - Kevin Harbottle

Thought to be the most exciting attacking signing of the off-season, Kevin Harbottle instead petered out far too quickly


As we do every year, through the month of December we'll be doing ratings and reviews of every player who played even a slightly significant amount of minutes for the Colorado Rapids in 2013. We'll start from the goalkeepers and move our way up to the forwards. Today, we'll cover Kevin Harbottle.

Name: Kevin Harbottle
Number: 7
Appearances: 4 (269 minutes)
Stats: N/A

The best thing that Kevin Harbottle did was be an absolute beast for me on Football Manager 2013, where he helped me win three MLS Cups, four Supporters' Shields, two Open Cups and five straight CCL championships over an eight-year Rapids career before being sold to FC Porto. Ah, the magic of Football Manager.

Oh, right, we're supposed to be talking about the real Harbottle here. We were pretty high on the diminutive forward going into the season, as he had looked good for the few teams he had played for, and he also had a cap for Chile under his belt already when he showed up. He was supposed to be fast, have good footwork and a very sharp shot.

As far as we could tell, he did indeed have all of those things, but was never really able to use them. He got in a good full shift against FC Dallas to start the season off, but got stuck out of position as a central attacking man after that for a few appearances and then got hit with an injury. As the RapKids revolution started to blossom, he was stuck on the sidelines and unable to do anything about it, despite being a symbol of the 'grass is greener' phenomenon that tends to hit struggling teams. Eventually, the Rapids were able to start getting results without him and he was released with little fanfare.

But seriously, all those Football Manager trophies! Thanks Kevin!