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2013 Rapids Player Rating & Review - Martin Rivero

A foot injury kept Martin Rivero from ever really finding a spot on the Rapids in 2013.


As we do every year, through the month of December we'll be doing ratings and reviews of every player who played even a slightly significant amount of minutes for the Colorado Rapids in 2013. We'll start from the goalkeepers and move our way up to the forwards. Today, we'll cover Martin Rivero.

Name: Martin Rivero
Number: 10
Appearances: 16 (705 minutes)
Stats: 1 goal, 3 assists

Martin Rivero was another one of those guys who were supposed to make or break 2013. He was just about the only watchable thing on the Rapids at times in 2012, and his eight assists and two goals looked like a solid start to a career for a young guy learning a tough position in a new league.

Unfortunately, he went and got his foot broken in the first pre-season game of the year. That kept him out for the majority of the season, and by the time he came back his spot had been taken by Dillon Powers. Most of the time when he did see the field, he was decent and was able to put a few points on the board as expected. In fact, he seemed at home as a Super Sub at times.

If Rivero signs a deal with the Rapids, his spot in the midfield is nowhere near guaranteed as it looked like it was coming into this season. He did show enough in his rookie year and his abbreviated 2013 to be considered a good prospect for the future though, I think.