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Burgundy Links

Five Reasons Why the Rapids Will Beat FC Dallas

Yep, our defense and our home record are among the reasons why we will emerge victorious Saturday.

Burgundy Links: 21 June 2016

Happy Tuesday Rapids fans!

Burgundy Links 6-20-16

A full slate of MLS and Euro 2016 games yesterday, plus crazy transfer whispers, and a cute baby.

Burgundy Links 6-15-16

There's no Copa America on today. So you'll just have to make do with a dozen US Open Cup matches and the Euros. It's hard, I know.

Burgundy Links 6-10-16

Euros start today oh boy oh boy oh boy.

Burgundy Links 6-8-16

There was much soccer yesterday. There is much today. There is much tomorrow. It's all streamable, or on network TV. There is never a better time to be alive.

Burgundy Links 6-6-16

Soccer rolls on into international waters, and your week will be pretty full with games. Praised be.

Burgundy Links: 2 June 2016

It's Thursday, and we have footy at DSGP tonight!

Burgundy Links: 6-1-16

You've made it to June! It's all international soccer and long summer afternoons from here on out.

Burgundy Links: 10 May 2016

Happy Tuesday Rapids fans!

Burgundy Links: 9 May 2016

It's a two game week Rapids fans

Burgundy Links: 6 May 2016

It's Friday! Hooray Friday!

Burgundy Links: 5 May 2016

Hello Thursday!

Burgundy Links: 4 May 2016

We have reached the middle of the work week!

Burgundy Links: 3 May 2016

Good Morning Rapids fans and Happy Tuesday

Burgundy Links: 2 May 2016

Happy Monday Rapids Fans!

Burgundy Links: 29 April 2016


Burgundy Links: 28 April 2016

Hello Rapids Fans!

Burgundy Links: 27 April 2016

Happy Wednesday!!!

Burgundy Links: 26 April 2016

It's Tuesday...Why can't it be Saturday already?

Burgundy Links: 25 April 2016

What a weekend Rapids Fans!

Burgundy Links: 22 April 2016

It's Friday. Are you wearing your Burgundy?

Burgundy Links: 21 April 2016

Happy Thursday Rapids Fans!

Burgundy Links: 20 April 2016

The middle of the week is finally here and that means, well, it's the middle of the week

Burgundy Links: 19 April 2016

Happy Tuesday Rapids Fans!!!

Burgundy Links: 18 April 2016

Back to the grind Rapids fans

Burgundy Links: 15 April 2016

Happy Friday Rapids Fans!!!!

Burgundy Links: 13 April 2016


Burgundy Links: 12 April 2016

Happy Tuesday!

Burgundy Links: 11 April 2016

Welcome back to work Rapids fans!

Burgundy Links: 8 April 2016


Burgundy Links: 7 April 2016

It's Thursday here in the most beautiful state in the Union.


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