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Chris 'UZ' White founded Burgundy Wave, SB Nation's home for the Colorado Rapids, in July of 2010. He was lucky enough to be able to cover an MLS Cup victory that same year, and has enjoyed covering the Burgundy boys ever since. He plays the accordion at games sometimes.

How Anthony Hudson evaporated the Rapids

A look at just how bad Hudson’s tenure as head coach really was.

Scott Palguta Memorial Depth Meter: Back for 2018

The people asked. Uzworm delivered.

I regret to inform you the Colorado Rapids are at it again

What I didn’t expect to see is the Rapids, in midseason, somehow making themselves worse.

BW Roundtable: What needs to change with the Rapids?

A look at how the team could move past its history of failure.

Boring and Stagnant: The 2017 Rapids’ Biggest Crime

The Colorado Rapids are in desperate need of a spark that they seem uninterested in providing.

Pareja’s 2012 to Mastroeni’s 2017: History is repeating itself

Colorado’s 3-1 loss to the Sounders had the Rapids looking like a team we’d all been trying to forget: Oscar Pareja’s awful 2012 squad.

The Rapids' hardest road match will be the last

The Colorado Rapids had some struggles at times on the road this season. Their final road match of the year will be the hardest test of them all.

The Rapids need someone to get hot

The easiest way to envision a Rapids MLS Cup run? For a player - Le Toux, Doyle, Badji, anyone - to suddenly find a hot streak.

The Rapids are worse with Tim Howard

Correlation does not equal causation, but the Rapids have been far worse since their $2.5 million man showed up on July 4th.

On player rotation and substitutions

The Colorado Rapids are on a wonderful run of form right now, but if it is to continue through the entire season, squad rotation and substitutions need to feature more in the team.