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Podcast: Breaking Down Preseason Friendlies, the Three New Signings and Celebrating Five Years of Holding the High Line

Analyzing Connor Ronan, Andreas Maxsø, and Alex Gersbach are Burgundy Boys.

Brondby IF vs FC Copenhagen - Danish 3F Superliga
BRONDBY, DENMARK - OCTOBER 24: Andreas Maxso of Brondby IF celebrates after scoring their second goal during the Danish 3F Superliga match between Brondby IF and FC Copenhagen at Brondby Stadion on October 24, 2021 in Brondby, Denmark.
Photo by Lars Ronbog / FrontZoneSport via Getty Images

Matt Pollard and Mark Goodman get together to podcast five years to the day of the first episode of Holding The High Line. We discuss the preseason trip to Mexico and what conclusions we can and cannot draw. Then we break down the three new signings of Connor Ronan, Andreas Maxsø, and Alex Gersbach.

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