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In-Stadium and Tailgate Details and Changes Colorado Rapids Fans Can Get Excited About for 2023

Centennial 38 is cooking and the club’s listening to what the fans want.

MLS: FC Dallas at Colorado Rapids
Oct 1, 2022; Commerce City, Colorado, USA; Colorado Rapids fans cheer in the first half against FC Dallas at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, Burgundy Wave spoke to Dave Wegner of Centennial 38 about supporters group and in-stadium updates that matter to Rapids fans.

Let’s start with the one thing everyone reading this loves: the tailgate. Prices will be going up from $10 to $12 per person, but everything with that will be as good or better this year. Bus prices will be unchanged for 2023.

Players who are not in the matchday squad for that game will be back at the tailgate regularly. Live music will be at the majority of games as well, with plenty of returning bands who were liked in 2022. Some improvements will be made food wise. It’s still the best food and vibes deal in MLS. Come at me NYCFC chicken bucket truthers.

The Oar will be present at the tailgate and at some point, there will be a toast to it. The player(s) who appear at the tailgate will bring it into the stadium and then to Section 117 close to the start of the game. The Oar will be passed up the section with an accompanying chant (possibly the Iceland Clap) and then displayed at the bar (1876, could be changing names, also might be getting remodeled a bit for the better) at the top of 117.

The Oar will be brought down at the end of the match. It will be presented to the Man of the Match. Captain Jack Price reached out to C38 and asked if the team could come sing with the supporters. So, the whole team will come over to the south goal, someone’s getting the Oar and they’re going to sing (probably Mountain Road, but TBD).

Speaking of 117, the supporters section is getting expanded. By the second home game (March 18 vs Minnesota United) safe standing will be setup in Section 118. New capo stand infrastructure is in the works as well and could be ready in time.

In addition to the chant to celebrate the Oar’s arrival and the players singing postgame, the supporters group is taking steps to better engage the rest of the stadium. Special chants for the 38th and 76th minutes are in the works.

For those of you who don’t know, Colorado was the 38th state and was founded in 1876. That’s where those numbers come from. The number 38 is the lowest number never worn by a Colorado Rapids player. There’s decent sports science on playing soccer at altitude that players not conditioned to it hit the wall at or around the 70th-75th minute. C38 leadership is working on getting QR codes on the back of seats that will take you to basic song sheets to help fans sing along with the south stand and engage the entire crowd.

It’s encouraging to hear that the supporters, the club, and other stadium stakeholders are on the same page and know what’s needed. It was disappointing to see the mini donuts and GB Fish and Chips leave DICK’s Sporting Goods Park in recent years.

Scran is coming, Rapids fans. A local and great brewer will be moving into the bar on the south stand. A popular local food vendor (that only has a few locations and isn’t a chain) will be there as well. Fan-friendly prices will be implemented postgame to encourage fans to hang out afterwards for player appearances (possibly the MOTM) and vibes.

Furthermore, crowlers with custom game-specific labels will be available. If you’re the MLS sicko who loves collecting a full season of match posters, you’ll love these. For the first time since COVID, between the food and drink options and the vibes, it will be obvious when you walk into DSG that you’re in Colorado and here for a soccer game.

Lastly, there’s a certain thing most other MLS and USL stadiums get to have that hasn’t been possibly in Commerce City. All but one of the powers that be are on board. C38 has a safety plan in place. All that’s waiting is the approval from one entity. It may or may not rhyme with mire farshal.

Last thing. Stop asking Dave or other C38 leadership when your code for MLS Season Pass is coming. They’re working on it. It’s complicated when you have the season ticket situation set up the way it is.