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Matt Pollard Assumes Managing Editor Position

Matt Pollard brings eight years of soccer media experience to lead Burgundy Wave

Matt Pollard interviewing Younes Namli in February of 2020.
Photo Credit: John A. Babiak @Photog_JohnB

Hello Colorado Rapids fans. My name is Matt Pollard. You may know me from my writing at Last Word on Sports and my podcasting with Holding The High Line. As of today, I am taking over as Managing Editor of Burgundy Wave.

First off, I want to thank Jeremiah Oshan, SB Nation, and Vox Media for the opportunity. I’ve been working towards a position at a platform like this since I stepped into the broom closet that was the Saint Louis FC press box back in 2014. I also want to thank all current and past contributors to Burgundy Wave. I look forward to following in the footsteps of Jake Shapiro and Abbie Mood. Brian Jennings, you were a wonderful interviewer and will be missed. John Babiak, I look forward to working with you.

Jake asked me to add the following on his behalf:

“I believe that the blog/community is in good hands and I’m excited to follow y’all. Matt’s analytical break downs offer a cool perspective on the game. And Matt has covered the team for years, giving him relationships with many powerful people at the club. This should be a bright new chapter for the Wave!”

I started HTHL with the idea of doing the podcast I wish existed about the Rapids. I plan to do the same thing here. Create content about the Rapids that needs to exist and that will serve the Rapids Community.

I will report honestly, critically, and fairly about the team. Share strong opinions and back them up with stats, analytics, and graphics. When I have a chance to break news, I’ll break it. The club is in a really good place with media access. I will take you behind the scenes and give you inside looks at the club from all angles. I will humanize. I will hold those with power and responsibility accountable. I am your Trent Crimm, Bob Costas, and Colin Cowherd.

I will still be writing about MLS generally and the USMNT for Last Word, though the majority of my written content on the Pids will move here. HTHL will not change, though I might post about or reference it here.

When aliens land on earth long after humans go extinct and they dig up the server that stores SB Nation content, I want them to know three things:

  1. The Colorado Rapids won the 2010 MLS Cup and everyone else was mad about it.
  2. I covered the Rapids like he was a White House correspondent during the Iran–Contra affair.
  3. Michael Azira was underrated and never got the credit he deserved.

Thank you for reading this article and all those to come.