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Kortne Ford invites Rapids supporters to celebrate his mother’s life

Colorado Rapids defender hosting remembrance event for his mom, Laurie Ford, in Greeley on January 8th

John Babiak

Kortne Ford’s mother’s battle with cancer has come to a close. Despite years of therapy, prayers, hope, and nationwide support—both financially and in spirit—the disease sadly took Laurie Ford’s life.

Affectionately known to the Colorado Rapids’ faithful as Mamma Ford, she not only inspired her amiable son on and off the pitch, she also rallied the greater Rapids community around her, and helped them all appreciate the plight of those who are diagnosed with breast cancer. It is fair to say that Mamma Ford brought the best out of us. Thousand came to both her and her son’s side.

“She’s my inspiration and she always will be,” Ford said soon after joining the Rapids’ first team as a 21-year old from the University of Denver. “When I’m sore, when I don’t feel like getting out of bed, when I’m tired, she’s just constantly there…pushing me.”

In turn, Ford has been her rock and a treasured caregiver since she was diagnosed.

Even during his triumphant effort to return to play during the 2021 season, Ford routinely made trips from his USL Championship team’s base in San Antonio to be with her at home in Colorado.

In two recent Twitter posts, Ford shared invitations for all to join him, family, and friends to celebrate his mother’s life at the Greeley Central High School where Ford played as a youth.

To that end, the 2022 preseason will soon be upon us. The relentless Ford will resume his campaign to reclaim his spot in the Rapids’ backline. His supporters should expect that he will once again be inspired by his mother, both in spirit and deep down in his giving heart.