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Kroenke Sports Charities holds auction to benefit victims of recent mass shooting in Boulder

The Rapids, Nuggets, Avalanche, and Mammoth have all donated autographed items.

Photo Courtesy of the Colorado Rapids

In response to the recent tragedy at King Soopers in Boulder, Kroenke Sports Charities is holding an auction to raise money for the victims. All four of the KSE teams are participating and have donated autographed items.

The Colorado Rapids and Avs jerseys were specially made for the auction, featuring the words “Boulder Strong” and the number 10 on the back, to represent the 10 people who lost their lives that day.

The Rapids have donated one C5 and one Nine Six jersey, as well as a soccer ball. Each item has been signed by the entire team.

Besides jerseys, other items up for auction include a pair of shoes signed by Nikola Jokić, a basketball signed by Jamal Murray, a pair of gloves signed by Gabe Landeskog, and more.

The auction started on March 28 and runs until Thursday, April 1 at 8 p.m. 100% of the proceeds benefit Colorado Healing Fund.

Learn more and see the items here.

You can also support the needs of victims, families, and the community by donating directly to the Colorado Healing Fund, a nonprofit that “provides a secure way to donate to victims of these tragedies. We work with victim service partners to identify victim needs and fill the gaps in financial resources.” The organization was founded in 2018 “by a group of victim advocates and community leaders to establish a secure way for the public to contribute to victims of mass casualty crimes in Colorado.”