Big journey for Jonathan Lewis

There are so many stories about him during his life to tell about.

Jonathan Lewis is a good player and a clever person and wise so much for his age. He is the one of the most perspective young players over the MLS. During his life, he played in three countries and had successful results everywhere. He has a big experience, it is very good, it can help him to improve his skill and become a soccer star. He can do it!

This guy was born in Georgia, Atlanta, but he did not live there for very long. He grew up in Plantation, Florida, but he had to move around because of his father’s job. His father is Jamaican and his mother is British. He started his Mount Olympus climbing from his first grade in a local team. Then he lived in Jamaica two times during his school years and remembered the time with good words. "I really liked it and being around the culture, that’s like all about soccer helped me starts like really developed passion for it". Lewis said. It is not important where he was, the America is the warmth of a place that he feels like home. The most things for him when he was outside of the country, his family and his friends supported him for the time. "They always tell me like work hard, do what you want. I mean did this always and make sure the schoolwork is part of it balance the schoolwork in the soccer" and Jonathan added. "Some people and my the best friends told me, I ended up leaving my team for the better".

Lewis moved to England with his family, he was a senior improving his skill. Jonathan played for Bradford City and Farsley Celtic. He recalls the time with the words. "... It’s was working hard always, we played against Bournemouth, it was good. I definitely think, I learned something that against grown-men... I’m a 16 year-old boy. Everybody can give you a challenge".

During the schools period, he also played in some academies such as Plantation Eagles SC, Chicago Fire, RIASA and Kendall SC. Then he was used to play for Akron Zips – the team became a key of his soccer career. Lewis met a significant coach, who influenced his soccer life and helped him to become a professional player, it was Jared Embick. "I think definitely, he showed me how to play. I used to always say like left forward and cut in score goals. He definitely like enlightened me how to use my left foot more to score, get more assists, when I was in the team, I made cross ball". And the coach said him words which he has been keeping for his life: he asked me to do and it actually me wonder so listening to the coaches are very big things". And told about his coach’s football philosophy. "We follow... like Barcelona, Arsenal... he wants to play... not just kick the ball long... to pass team". And Jared Embick characterized Lewis. "We are extremely proud of what he has accomplished in his short time at Akron. We are excited to see his future development in the MLS. He is another Akron player that will represent the program and the University of Akron well as a professional". And added. "Jonathan is a tremendous player and person".

After it, Jonathan Lewis was seen by the national team coach Tab Ramos and was invited to the U-20 national team. And He won 2017 CONCACAF U-20 with his team, and it was a good start and a big result for a young player. Unfortunately, he only scored once. But his achievement got spotted, and he was added to the national team by Gregg Berhalter. Following the good performance he stucked his spot in the team. "I spoke to Gregg the day after (the selection), and he just told me that going forward I can help the team, and I bring some qualities that fit his system". Lewis told. At the moment, he started thinking to leave from Akron Zips. "My club was just becoming obsolete". Lewis said.

In January 2017 Jonathan Lewis was drafted by New York City FC. He did not get playing time enough to progress. During the period, Jonathan could not stuck on the roster because of there were so many professional guys around, Héber, Maxi Moralez, Ismael Tajouri-Shrad and Alexandru Mitrita.

In May 2019 He was traded to Colorado Rapids. At once, he started to get playing time – he became the one of key players in the team. Even Rapids Executive Vice President & General Manager, Pádraig Smith assessed his skill "one of the best young attacking talents in the United States, a dynamic game changer with the potential to develop into an elite level attacker in MLS. His age, character and skillset fit perfectly with the type of player we want to bring to Colorado and with the plans we have for the future of our club.

He could not score in first of his two matches, but he took a race since the third match. He scored very important goal which helped to take a win in the further for his team. It was a match against Columbus Crew, this team was beaten up with the result of 3:2. He got the ball from his opponent and then took a pause and scored a deflected ball from opponent's knee after getting a nutmeg shot. At the moment showed that he can find any passing angle, circulate the ball and choose a moment to take a shot and play very productivity – it’s very important for any forward.

"He’s an important piece for us, Kellyn Acosta said. "He has added a dimension we didn’t have before. You can see his qualities come out, and he’s playing with a ton of confidence."

In the next match, Philadelphia Union squeezed out Colorado Rapids to their box and our team forced to take a direct play and Jonathan, not easy moment for his team, could score so beautiful first touch goal after Andre Shinyashiki’s passing. He capable of playing under pressure, he did get a good experience through his big soccer trip around these continents.

"He’s a smart player and a guy we know will get the ball and be effective. He’s done that", Interim coach Conor Casey remarked.

During his staying at USMNT’s January and Gold Cup 2019 camp, he felt many emotions and tried to get settled in the new environment.

"It was good for what I want to do. Obviously I want to be on the national team for the 2022 World Cup, so it was a good experience being around top players like Christian Pulisic and Weston McKennie. Right now that’s the top of the tree for talent for soccer in America. But also being around experienced players like Jozy Altidore, for me, it’s taking that and moving on." Lewis told on his experience in the team.

Actually he did not play so much, he appeared two times through the January’s camp wherein scored twice. For the Gold Cup 2019 tournament, he earned the one cap against Panama only. Obviously Gregg Berhalter tests him before the 2020 World Cup.

Anyway it did not prevented USMNT’s coach told to the good way, "I spoke to Gregg the day after (the selection), and he just told me that going forward I can help the team, and I bring some qualities that fit his system". Lewis told.

The national team experiences some problems with a central forward. He can be used either as the role further or as a false 9. He feels very comfortable on the spot, we could see this in the match against New York Red Bulls and his long career. he pull back from Marc Rzatkowski and Aaron Long, made a run in inside the left channel. Coming Luis Robles toward Lewis, scored the keeper with a flip shot. Then he doubled the advantage of his team, after Diego Rubio’s passing he shaped the ball onto his right foot with the pre-fake and scored to the right angle. The defenders compelled to follow the trajectory of the ball.

There is some problem to take it, Jonathan has a competitor represented by Robbie Robinson for the spot. He has to work hard because Robinson asserted very well through the last games.

During 2019 season, he almost played in all games (16 appearances) and scored 5 goals. It’s a good result for starting but he should not stop, work intensively...

Jonathan Lewis started the season very good, he was very active, he is the best in finding of any free space on the field in the team. We can see the skill in his scoring opportunities as he took. We hope he will be able to improve his skill and play more a central role in Colorado Rapids – he is young, he is very perspective player and he has great hopes for him from the coach.

Robin Fraser did not go by and marked his winning goal at D.C. United in the season. "He is good, not many players that play like him in the league, he touches so clean and so tight and good running on the ball".

Jonathan Lewis is a good acquisition for Colorado Rapids. He can make the team stronger, he is brave, he is capable of dribbling anyone. The team will reach for the playoff with him, when the season is back. Anyway, he would help his team in the future because he is a perspective young player and he is able to play very long time. And he has so big experience for his age. Not every player has such as background as he has at 23 years old. He will improve his skill with such guys as Kei Kamara, Nicolas Benezet, Younes Namli, Sam Nicholson along. He is especially dangerous as a substitute player. Robin Fraser can use him at the end of the matches. Lewis demonstrated it against D.C. United, when he scored a winning goal. MLS is back tournament is a good opportunity to improve his skill and stick on the roster not only in the Colorado’s and the USNMT’s.

At the bad moment around the virus he has to stay focused at he actually wants; get better.

Jonathan said so important things. "I got good grades and I wanted to be an engineer originally like my dad, but obviously I’m following my actual dream. The words show his strong character.

Enjoy his skill in the video.

If you find more about the player in the long interview. or the one short.

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