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Downstream: Away to FC Dallas

Devin L’Amoreaux

FC Dallas Stats

2020 Record: 1-1-3, currently 10th in the Western Conference

Goals For: 4

Goals Against: 3

MLS Is Back: N/A - Pulled out of the tournament due to a high number of COVID-19 cases on the team prior to the tournament start.

Last Result: Scoreless draw against Houston

The Rapids fanbase is swearing in anger. The players are frustrated. The coaching staff has come out with the usual response from the post-game. The team is actively reeling from the 1-4 thrashing laid down by their rivals, with the Rocky Mountain Cup all but guaranteed to be staying in Utah for another season. Amidst these many problems, there hardly is time to breathe before the Rapids continue their compact season against another rival, FC Dallas, tonight (Wednesday, August 26th). How does Dallas look currently, and perhaps more importantly, what is going on with the Rapids?

The Dallas team is in a bit of a weird state right now. Their offense has some real questions, having scored no goals over their last three games. But their defense has been pretty solid, letting in only one goal over the last three as well. Their GK the last few years, Jesse Gonzalez, had his contract terminated after being arrested for allegations of domestic abuse, but they’ve since turned around and got a new keeper in Phelipe Megiolaro, a Brazilian on loan from Gremio. They’ve continued their signing of young homegrown players, but none right now are quite at the stage of a Paxton Pomykal who has elevated to a starting-caliber player. Starting CB Reggie Cannon has been heavily linked to a sale, potentially even triggering a move prior to the game on Wednesday. While the foundation of their team hasn’t truly been shaken, they are going through some roster changes in addition to dealing with the strangest season of MLS in history.

FC Dallas has had to get back into the swing of things recently, since they didn’t play in the MLS is Back Tournament in Orlando. They’ve only played three games since the first suspension of the season, two of which have been against MLS newcomers Nashville SC (who similarly dropped out of the tournament due to COVID). Their play can be summarized as “uninspired” from the three games, with no goals scored and only one goal allowed. They aren’t quite looking like the deadly Dallas team that has been to the playoffs so frequently the last few years, but they aren’t at a point where they need to start making major structural changes. Currently, they are looking like a very middle-of-the-road team.

But at this point, can we even say the same about the Rapids?

Let’s not mince words—the game against RSL was an unmitigated atrocity. It was a miracle that there weren’t any red cards given, as that seems to be a hallmark of a rivalry game for us. We need to bounce back against Dallas in a big way and then continue that momentum throughout the rest of the season. We have been promised a perennial playoff team, and after three seasons of missing out, we need to make a return. Not “want to” or “could” or “should” make playoffs. Need.