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Reviewing the Colorado Rapids’ FIFA 21 Ratings

EA has—unsurprisingly—gotten a lot of ratings wrong this year.

Colorado Rapids v Los Angeles Galaxy Photo by Michael Janosz/ISI Photos/Getty Images

With the outbreak of COVID-19 within the Colorado Rapids organization leading to the postponement of two matches, fans may be searching for something to get their minds off all the recent news.

And what better distraction for soccer fans than a game of FIFA?

The player ratings for the newest edition of the game dropped recently, including ratings for the Rapids roster. Their overall rating as a team is a 65, which puts them well toward the bottom of ratings in the league (on a scale from 1-100, 100 being the very best). For comparison’s sake, the worst rating in this year’s game is a 48. Keep that in mind while reading, and you will see how badly some of our ratings miss the mark.


William Yarbrough: 68

A pretty solid rating, probably one of the most accurate for the Rapids this year. The rating does put Yarbrough in the bottom half of starting keepers, so maybe a little low, but still pretty fair.

Clint Irwin: 65

Irwin’s rating also seems pretty fair and has him with the same rating as goalkeepers like Daniel Vega (San Jose Earthquakes) and Joe Willis (Nashville SC). After making some pretty important stops for the Rapids last year while Tim Howard was out injured—and this season before Yarbrough stripped him of the job—a 65 seems deserved for Irwin.


Sam Vines: 62

In my opinion, this is the most faulty rating handed down this year by EA. Certain traits, like 70 pace and 60 physical seem fitting, but others, like 58 defending and 51 passing seem awfully low for the young leftback, especially after shutdown performances against some of the league’s best wingers, such as Carlos Vela.

Auston Trusty: 67

It’s been an awkward year or so for Auston Trusty, going from a consistent starting centerback and highly-rated prospect for the national team to being traded away by his hometown club and then not being able to bounce back and earn a starting spot with his new club. Considering the turbulent year Trusty has experienced, a slight decrease in his rating isn’t too surprising, going from a 68 last year to a 67 this season.

Drew Moor: 67

Another small decrease for a Rapids defender, Drew Moor goes from a 68 to 67 in FIFA 21, which is also not that surprising considering his age, as well as a decrease in consistent minutes in recent seasons. A 69 rating in physical ability is Moor’s highest category this season.

Danny Wilson: 67

Another 67 overall centerback for the Rapids, Wilson has a 76 in physical, his highest rating, while being given a 53 in pace, meaning matching him up against a pacey striker might not go too well in a game (for comparison, Trusty has 77 in pace). Another solid and fair rating in my opinion, and a deserved 70 awarded for long passing as well—his best attacking attribute.

Lalas Abubakar: 68

The Rapid’s highest-rated centerback comes in with a 68 rating and an impressive 83 strength attribute. For me, I personally think Lalas should have a slightly higher rating, 70-73, and deserves an upgrade in certain defensive abilities, like 67 sliding tackles and 63 heading.

Keegan Rosenberry: 72

Last year’s MLS ironman is the Rapid’s highest-rated defender and tied for second highest among the whole team, as well as second-highest overall for rightbacks in the whole league, only behind NYCFC’s Anton Tinnerholm.


Cole Bassett: 61

Another shocking underrating of a young Rapids player, Cole Bassett was given a 61 overall, despite having better stats than highly-rated youngsters like Brenden Aaronson (rated at a 68). Bassett’s highest attribute is a 70 in agility. When the ratings first dropped, I was genuinely frustrated by both Bassett’s as well as Vines’ ratings in the new game.

Collen Warner: 65

To make Bassett’s 61 seem even more incorrect, veteran journeyman Collen Warner has a 65 rating. Another rating I have no strong feelings towards, but a 65 almost seems too high for Warner.

Jack Price: 71

On the surface, a 71 seems like a completely fair overall for the Rapids captain, but it goes downhill upon closer observation. EA gives Jack Price a 59 overall in free kicks. This one alone is almost worse than Bassett and Vines being rated so low. The king of set pieces in MLS and he gets a 59 on free-kick taking. Mind-boggling.

Kellyn Acosta: 71

The partnership in the Rapid’s midfield consists of two 71 ratings. Personally, I think this one should also be a bit higher, especially considering how well Acosta has been performing in recent matches. His highest attribute is a 90 in stamina, a rating I have no concerns with, considering it seems like he runs every second of every match.


Andre Shinyashiki: 62

The reigning MLS rookie of the year is given an upgrade in FIFA 21, but by only one point. Another decision that seems harsh on a young up-and-coming player for the Rapids. EA ranks skill moves on a five-star scale, and Andre is given one out of five stars for his skill abilities. Another attribute that is highly questionable.

Braian Galvan: 62

On the young Argentinian’s first-ever FIFA card, he gets a 62, which was a little surprising to me, considering how few professional minutes the 20-year-old has played. Regardless, a nice first card in a FIFA game for Galvan.

Jonathan Lewis: 65

The Rapids’ leading goalscorer has a 65 in FIFA 21. A 76 pace seems a little too low to me, as well as only 63 shot positioning. I find Lewis’ attacking stats to be a little too low, and felt after his form both this and last season he deserved more like a 68.

Nicolas Benezet: 72

Tied for the second-highest rating on the club, the French winger sees his rating from last season drop by one point. The Frenchman hasn’t consistently featured for the Rapids, but performed well for Toronto FC last season and will hope for more minutes as the schedule gets very congested.


Diego Rubio: 66

Interestingly, the Rapids don’t actually have a recognized forward on their roster on FIFA 21, as EA designates Diego Rubio as a center attacking midfielder. In the newest addition of FIFA, Rubio sees his overall rating decrease by three, as he was a 69 last season. Why? I have absolutely no idea, considering Rubio bagged 11 goals in 2019. Another extremely questionable decision by EA.

Nicolas Mezquida: 65

I have no real issues with Nicolas Mezquida getting a 65. He has three-star skill moves and 71 dribbling ability, but unsurprisingly falls off on the physical and defending attributes.

Younes Namli: 73

The Danish Designated Player has the highest rating on FIFA 21 for the Rapids, and also boosts some impressive attributes. With a three-star weak foot, 77 pace, and 78 dribbling, EA recognizes his impressive dribbling skills and attacking prowess. Finally, at least one Rapids player gets some recognition.

Other Ratings

Andre Rawls: 56

Deklan Wynne: 63 (Higher than Sam Vines!!!!)

Kortne Ford: 64

Will Vint: 54

What did you think about the EA player ratings?