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#PORvCOL Game Recap: Portland Timbers 2, Colorado Rapids 2

Though up a man for most of the second half, the Rapids could not come out with three points. Still, a road result! 2-2!

MLS: Colorado Rapids at Portland Timbers Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Here we go, on this July 13, 2019 as the Colorado Rapids play the home squad Portland Timbers who are on a tear, coming off their US Open win against LAFC. This is only the fourth home game for the Timbers in 2019.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Timbers coach Gio Saravese on the loss of his dad.

1’ | We’re underway after nine days. Let’s do this. And thank you, Lord, for our boys wearing burgundy. What a great atmosphere the Timbers have in their home stadium.

2’ | What happened with the Rapids’ Lalas Abubakar? Will we ever know? Don’t mess our guy, Twigs!

4’ | Excellent steal by the Timbers Sebastian Blanco on the left side. No, Seb—it wasn’t out of bounds. The Rapids shut him down quickly.

5’ | The Timbers Dairon Asprilla crosses into the box, but a resurgent Rapids defender Tommy Smith clears it nicely. He and Abubakar have developed great chemistry in the back.

8’ | Oooh, that replay on the injury of Timbers’ Marco Farfan. His challenge on Rapids’ Kei Kamara didn’t look that problematic. Apparently it was—he’s subbed off for Zarek Valentin.

9’ | I wonder if Conor Casey is waiting to have that interim tag taken off his job title before he wears any Rapids swag.

11’ | Shot by Timbers’ Blanco—eh, not so much! He does not need any momentum!

12’ | The Timbers just completed at least fifteen consecutive passes that will not bode well for the Rapids as the game wears on. I hope Casey will adjust the defense. This is where mid-game coaching comes in.

14’ | CORNER to the Timbers. Diego Valeri sends it in but Valentin sends it high and wide and ... . The Rapids Abubakar gets away with a tug. But he’s Abubakar. Even fouls aren’t fouls!

16’ | Free kick in the Timbers’ half but the Rapids Diego Rubio couldn’t manage to get a hold of it.

17 ‘ | ALMOST! That was the first threat from the Rapids with an excellent cross from Andre Shinyashiki. Too many Timbers defenders.

18’ | How nice is it to have Jonathan Lewis back! Beautiful first touch on that long ball.

18’ | OFF THE POST! Kei Kamara (COL) went lefty! OK, boys! Let’s make some noise.

20’ | SHOT ON GOAL for the Timbers! Jeremy Ebobisse went near post, but Rapids keeper Tim Howard gathered it.

21’ | Yellow card on Diego Valeri (POR) after clipping Rapids defender Kegan Rosenberry. No arguments from Valeri.

22’ | Yellow card on Rapids’ Tommy Smith after what was deemed a reckless tackle. Unlike Valeri, Smith took umbrage. We would expect no less! (Actually, Richard Fleming noted that this is only Smith’s second yellow card. Sorry, Tommy—I take it all back!)

25’ | News flash! Diego Chara (POR) is fast. He closed down the defenders quickly.

26’ | CORNER for Portland. Valentin (POR) made a great run, but Shinyashiki (COL) cut him off.

27’ | OWN GOAL by Tommy Smith (COL). After watching the replay, the ball is just too far out of reach for him to have any control of it. His resurgence took a hit. He has had a rough, rough year. 1-0, Timbers.

28’ | GOAL FOR THE GOOD GUYS! Did I mention how great it was to have Lewis back! Silencing the crowd, relieving Tommy Smith. Kamara crosses, falls to Lewis who tees it up against a flat-footed Timbers defense. GAME. ON. Equalized 1-1. Only the fifth Rapids player to score in Portland.

30’ | Great save by Howard (COL) off a dangerous ball by Blanco! Not bad for a 40-year-old! He still has that fire in the belly.

36’ | Cole Bassett (COL) with nifty footwork in the 18’ but just couldn’t make the connection. Keep plugging, Homegrown All-Star rep!

39’ | Corner for the Timbers after a nice play by Smith (COL). Sammy Vines (COL) clears it nicely.

40’ | Kamara (COL) in a heap. No foul, but Kamara backed into the Timbers player. Careful, Kei!

42’ | Rosenberry (COL) scratched by Blanco. Abubakar is the enforcer, making sure Blanco stays in check. (RFO, pay the man!)

44’ | GK Steve Clark (POR) made three successive saves in a 90-second span. Wow! Wow! Wow!

45’| Five extra minutes of stoppage.

45’ + 5’ | After a Timbers threat, here we are at the half! 1-1 draw. The Timbers won possession 66-34%. The Rapids had five shots on target, compared to the Timbers two.

Going into the second half, will we see Nicolas Mezquida (COL) at around the 65th to replace Lewis?

46’ | Here we go! The second half begins!

47’ | Blanco (POR) trying to find some room— and almost did. What a talent!

49’ | Great over the top pass from Diego Rubio (COL) to a streaking Lewis down the left. What vision! These guys know how to go forward!

50’ | The Rapids defense is quite compact. They will have to rely on the counter and set pieces as they have all year.

51’ | Scary foul by Chara (POR) on Shinyashiki. How is this not a yellow? At least there’s a free kick from about 30 yards. Smith felt he was fouled on the cross. Nothing. Timbers goal kick.

55’ | RED CARD on Julio Cascante (POR). The referee wasted no time. Did the referee miss the foul on Blanco (POR) by Rubio? Was Cascante upset by the non-call?

59’ | YELLOW CARD on Diego Rubio (COL) against Chara. The Rapids need to be careful.

60’ | SUBSTITUTION for the Timbers: Brian Fernandez on, Asprilla off.

60’ | Fernandez (POR) will give the Rapids problems even with 10 men. Nice save by Howard.

61’ | This is getting chippy. Smith (COL) is already on a yellow card and juuuust missed Valeri’s head.

62’ | PENALTY! Abubakar (COL) handball! Valeri converts and now the Timbers with ten men (!) lead the Rapids 2-1. Those saves by Clark (POR) loom large.

64’ | SUBSTITUTION for the Rapids— Nicolas Mezquida on, Cole Bassett off. (I was only one minute off! Nuts!)

66’ | Did the header by Rosenberry (COL) back to Howard make anyone else nervous?

67’ | SUBSTITUTION for the Rapids: Nicholson on, Kamara off.

68’ | Blanco (POR) fires. Everyone stopped thinking that the Timbers had a foul.

70’ | Is Lewis (COL) the next to be subbed off for the Rapids?

72’ | Clark (POR) saves another. Shinyashiki’s (COL) pass to Mezquida was a beauty. Wow. Clark was popped in the head making that save. The backup GK, Kendall McIntosh, warming up.

76’ | GOAL for the RAPIDS! Sam Nicholson lefty as he cuts it back and freezes Clark (POR).

77’ | YELLOW CARD on Caballos (POR).

78’ | FINAL SUBSTITUTION for Timbers: Cristhian Pardes in, Diego Valeri off.

80’ | CORNER for the Timbers. Cleared easily by the Rapids.

81’ | Timbers cross into the 18. Abubakar (COL) to the rescue again as Howard seemed to be of two minds. Howard appreciated the help.

82’ | Oooooh! Fernandez (POR) was barely offside. Good thing after that marvelous pass to free him up.

83’ | Nicholson’s (COL) shirt gets tugged, so of course it’s Portland’s ball.

87’ | ALMOST for the Rapids. Mezquida (COL) drags the ball wide—felt he was fouled. Nice work by Lewis to get it to him.

87’ | SUBSTITUTION FOR RAPIDS: Dillon Serna on, Jonathan Lewis off. Nice work by Lewis tonight. Have I mentioned how glad I am he’s back?

89’ | YELLOW CARD on Ebobisse (POR) with a reckless foul on Mezquida.

91’ | Six minutes of stoppage time.

93’ | Serna (COL) has had trouble finding a Rapid player on the other end of his many crosses. Switch it over to Nicholson on the right, fellas! Not feeling good about getting three points out of this.

96’ | Game over. Yes, the Rapids got a result on the road, but many hoped for more given that they up a man for most of the second half. Great goals by Lewis and Nicholson—but the goals given up by mistakes on the Rapids part.