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#COLvHOU Rapid Fire: Saturday’s game was all on the coaching

This one was on the coaching—and it’s happening all too often.

The Colorado Rapids have 29 games left in the regular season, but Rapids supporters find themselves in a position familiar to 2017 and 2018. Emotions are running high, as was evident with many supporters in the stands and on social media. There was something about this match that really climbed under the skin of many. The Rapids played abysmally at home against a formidable (and undefeated) Houston Dynamo team, losing 4-1 in a match that was out of reach early in the first half.

This Rapid Fire edition has only one main takeaway: Coaching and preparation was the primary problem against Houston, both leading up to the game and the lack of adjustments on the left side of the defensive in taking care of El Pantera, Houston’s Alberth Elis.

In watching the Dynamo play, they live and die on the counterattack. The Rapids, however, in an effort to implement total football, would often find themselves, especially the backline, especially Dillon Serna, too far forward and not able to get back. And Elis ate them alive all night them for it.

As much as we all love Serna for his offensive prowess, why would there not be some pregame coaching or even in-game adjustments? Was this really all on the players' hearts or want-tos? Hudson has to take time to put these players in a position to succeed.

What would Hudson say postgame? Well, more apologies. More “slow start in the first half, better in the second half” banter. More "need to play together/play with more heart"-speak.

Just as the Rapids needed MLS-experienced players, one begins to wonder if the Rapids need an MLS-experienced coach.

I wish Hudson every success. But the Rapids have not had an MLS-experienced head coach since Oscar Pareja. Pablo Mastroeni had never coached in MLS. Anthony Hudson had never coached in MLS.

The Rapids travel to Orlando City to play this coming Saturday. Orlando City has struggled over the past two years, dwelling like the Rapids near the bottom of their respective tables. So this match will be rather telling.

What are your thoughts? Was this all on the coaching? If not, what else did you see?