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Rapid Fire #FCDvCOL: Takeaways from Frisco

In this edition of Rapid Fire, we look at some quick takeaways from the Rapids 2-1 loss to FC Dallas this past Saturday.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at FC Dallas Andrew Dieb-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids left Frisco, TX with zero points as they lost 2-1 to FC Dallas. Here are some quick takeaways from Saturday’s match.

  1. Yet another slow start for the Rapids. The Rapids were perpetually on their heels for first 20 minutes of the match. Barely able to complete two passes in a row during this time, they finally found some success in the offense from the 21st minute on, though only one goal was made off of four on target (and 12 overall). In each of the four matches, the Rapids have struggled to get out of the gate. Coach Anthony Hudson needs to find a scheme in which the Rapids could work. As it’s been, the Rapids look like they are waiting to see what the other team will do before they formulate their offense. That’s not a good strategy.
  2. Dillon Serna is a top-five left back. While he did not get into the offense nearly as much as in previous matches, his play continued at a high level from the left back position. Personally, every time Serna touches the ball, he looks up and brings me confidence that he will make the correct decision in moving forward.
  3. The offense has flipped. In 2018, all of the offense came from the wings, with little to no threat up the middle. In 2019, in an apparent effort to address the lack of offense up the middle, the wings now need more attention. Defender Keegan Rosenberry and Serna have provided an intermittent help to the attack. A more balanced attack is needed, otherwise the opponents’ defense could lock down the middle, and thus choke out the attack.
  4. Where is Acosta? Hudson has implemented a formation that is looking less like a 4-4-2 diamond, but more of a 4-1-2-1-2. Is this offense bypassing Acosta? Could the offensive partnerships and formation be leaving out a key component on our roster? Hudson needs to find a way to get Acosta involved more.
  5. What to do with Hudson! Anthony Hudson’s career is 8-9-21 (W-D-L). While one could argue that the team looks improved with the eyeball test, one could also argue that, even with the upgrade in talent, it’s more of the same. While the Rapids needed more players with MLS experience, this could apply to the coach as well. Look at his coaching record again. More losses than wins and draws combined. The loss totals now number in the 20s, while the wins and draws totals aren’t even in double digits. How long do the Rapids wait to see if things are going to work out? Until the end of the year? Halfway to the transfer window? Time will tell if the Rapids will pull it together. But should the tactical concerns continue, obviously something will need to be done.

What were your takeaways from this match?