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Rapids release new “Black Diamond” secondary kit

Garrett Ellwood - @gwephoto - Colorado Rapids

The Colorado Rapids have released their new secondary kit called the “Black Diamond” kit. It’s a cloud white top with matching shorts and socks.

Garrett Ellwood - @gwephoto - Colorado Rapids

First things first, yes it’s a white kit. We’ve been seeing quite a few of them released this year, but clubs start working on their designs about two years in advance, which means it’s up to adidas to do a better job of differentiating the kits in MLS.

This year, MLS is calling the secondary kits “community kits,” with the idea that these secondary kits will have a tie-in to the local community in some way. That’s where the Black Diamond name comes in — as an ode to the mountain/ski culture in Colorado. According to the club, a black diamond ski run requires a higher level of skill, expertise, and intensity, which they’re tying back to the expectations for the players. Along with the other features in the kit, it “helps us celebrate our culture and connection to our home.”

In designing the new kit, the club wanted something that looks good on the pitch but is also something that fans will feel comfortable wearing out and about, and they believe they’ve achieved that with this look.

The primary kit is meant to be more traditional and the secondary/community kit is supposed to be a little more creative. I like that the new white jersey looks clean and the accent colors are nice. The color striping along the neckline and the adidas stripes down the side make it look less like a t-shirt and more like an actual jersey. The C on the back and the flag on the front are nice touches.

However, I think the black diamond/Colorado tie-in could’ve been much stronger. I would have loved to see the mountains or peaks on this new kit. The Nuggets and Avs have done it for years, and even if it was something subtle (like Colorado flag on this one), it would’ve brought in the theme a little more clearly.

They’ve also released a new goalkeeper kit:

The new jersey is on sale today on, at the team store at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, and at the Pepsi Center.

There will be a fan photo shoot today from 3-5 p.m. at Odell Brewing Company in RiNo (2945 Larimer Street) and the first 10 fans will get a free jersey. There will also be jerseys for sale at Odell’s.