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10 most popular Burgundy Wave posts from 2019

It was an interesting year.

Arsenal v Colorado Rapids Photo by Timothy Nwachukwu/Getty Images

As we continue to wrap up the bizarre 2019 season and look forward to 2020, I thought it would be fun to look at the most popular posts on BW to see what Colorado Rapids moments were most meaningful for the fans. Here’s what I found:

What’s going on with Altitude?

It says a lot that the most-read post was the breakdown of the battle between Altitude/KSE and the major cable companies. In short, Altitude’s deal with Comcast, DISH, and DirecTV expired right as Robin Fraser was hired, so many Rapids fans missed the end of the season, which was actually pretty good. Altitude has since made a deal with DirecTV, but continues to campaign against and cast blame upon the other two as the Nuggets and Avs seasons are well underway.

Rapids head coach blames Front Office, ownership, and even his own players for losses this season

This one occurred after their 1-0 loss against Atlanta United—a game in which the Rapids played better, I might add. Hudson was apparently frustrated with the roster that he was very excited about at the beginning of the year, and said that other teams have “a little bit more quality than us.” I asked him how they overcome the gap and get results, which resulted in the now-infamous comment, “we are fighting at the bottom with a bottom group of players and we have to find a way to pick up results whilst also being a team that tries to play a certain way.”

It turned out to be his last game as head coach of the Colorado Rapids, a moment that many fans thought was a huge turning point for the 2019 season.

Josh Kroenke responds to Arsenal fans’ open letter, still DGAF about Rapids

This article was based on an event that occurred during the Rapids/Arsenal friendly in the summer. The Kroenkes made a rare appearance at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park and Josh sat down with some people to discuss Arsenal fan frustrations. No one from the Rapids media was invited nor was the club mentioned.

How Anthony Hudson evaporated the Rapids

Every year, BW founder Chris White writes an article or two and he always hits the nail on the head. This year, he reviewed just how terrible things were under Hudson.

Colorado Rapids have fired Anthony Hudson

Unsurprisingly, this was a popular piece.

Padraig Smith disappointed with 2018, but focusing on long-term success

Ahead of the 2019 season, we interviewed Padraig Smith and he said the results in 2018 weren’t good enough and they were building a culture for 2019. He mentioned developing leadership and bringing in players with experience. Things started out pretty rocky, but it seemed as though the team was finally coming together under Robin Fraser at the end of the year.

Game Recap: Houston Dynamo 4, Colorado Rapids 1

We don’t often see recaps as the most popular articles, but this one caught fire. The Rapids hadn’t lost to Houston at home since 2008, so it was a good opportunity for Colorado to get three points. Instead, it was a disaster and drew even more attention around the ineptness of Anthony Hudson as a head coach.

#CHIvCOL Rapid Fire: Those who bleed burgundy are being drained dry

This piece by Assistant Editor Matthew Perry really struck a chord with the fans and gave voice to many of the frustrations we were feeling this season.

#ORLvCOL Game Recap: Orlando City 4, Colorado Rapids 3

Another recap. Another game the Rapids could’ve/should’ve won, but lost.


I’m excited to end this round-up on a good note! This win against a very strong LAFC side was HUGE and showed us that the club really had gained some momentum.