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Pablo Mastroeni (!) makes an appearance on ExtraTime Radio

The former Rapids player and head coach comes out of hiding.

John A. Babiak - @Photog_JohnB

Maybe “comes out of hiding” is a little dramatic, but the truth is, we haven’t heard a peep from Pablo Mastroeni since he was fired on August 15, 2017. So when his name popped up on a tweet from ExtraTime Radio, of course I listened.

Apparently there will be a longer, 30-minute interview in November or December, but in the segment they’ve aired so far, he talked about what he’s been up to over the last two years (hint: he’s been a stay-at-home dad), who he thinks is the dark horse in the playoffs (hint: Rapids fans won’t like it), and what it’s like to be in the playoffs as a player and a coach.

Mastroeni apparently still talks with Sam Cronin and talks about “that trade” briefly as the “downfall of his year in 2017” and the “downfall of the team in 2017”, but also said that “the moment anyone starts talking about next year, red flags should be going up. As far as we’re planning for this weekend because this weekend we can change the course of the season.”

He says after a couple of years you start getting the itch again and that he’s “got to make better decisions” in his next opportunity, so who knows where else we might see Pablo show up in the coming months.

Pablo joins the podcast around minute 39: