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FC Denver adds women’s team to club

This is a huge step for developing competitive women’s soccer in the Denver metro area.

Local soccer just got a little more interesting with FC Denver’s recent announcement that they are adding a women’s team to their club.

“The team joins our five current adult semi-pro, over-30, and youth developmental teams. We have organized women’s teams (and even our own women’s league) in the past, and are excited to be able to build upon that legacy with a new generation of players,” said club president Eric Fulton. “FC Denver is inspired to support female players in their passion and pursuit of the sport. We believe, as a non-profit community purveyor of the sport, that it’s our responsibility to offer competitive women’s soccer.”

Fulton and the club believe that “creating inroads for competitive players to continue their playing careers at the highest level possible shouldn’t only be possible for male players. Women deserve to have teams, leagues, and options to play the sport they love at a strong competitive level. On a club level, the formation of our women’s team is critical in our development as a club that strives to represent our city in an equal and representative fashion.”

FC Denver is volunteer-driven, so having the support and leadership in place to create a sustainable program was key, and Fulton believes they can now offer that. They are currently gauging interest and working on building excitement for a new level of women’s soccer in Denver, and know there is a long path ahead.

“It won’t be an immediate jump from no team and limited local leagues to an elite division rivals the local men’s leagues in one step, but we can sense the interest is out there, so it’s time to get started,” said Fulton.

The plan is for the women’s season to start in March, but the league logistics are still in the works.

If you are interested in trying out for any of FC Denver’s adult teams, fill out this form on the FC Denver website. Tryouts for the adult teams will be held on February 10th and 17th.