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It’s time to talk about Anthony Hudson

Things are grim in Commerce City right now - who should be held responsible?

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Colorado Rapids Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids just lost to the Seattle Sounders, extending their latest losing streak to six games and getting outscored 19-1.

This afternoon’s effort is what happens when the season is almost over, everything is terrible, and a team is just getting outplayed week after week. When your coach doesn’t set you up for success and you’re playing teams with legit offenses and defenses, I’d imagine that would be pretty disheartening. The players have done the best they can all year, and I genuinely feel bad for them.

I can’t say for certain whether or not Hudson has lost the locker room, but at this point, it wouldn’t come as a surprise. I think the new players have always been on board with his philosophy and program, but given that the majority of players from last year have left, been traded, or mysteriously don’t put in the effort anymore, I’m not sure they were ever all that convinced.

And even worse? Not a damn thing is going to change anytime soon. Head coaches all over MLS are getting fired for subpar performances that weren’t half as bad as what we’re seeing in Colorado. The Vancouver Whitecaps just fired Carl Robinson and they’re only FOUR POINTS out of the playoffs.

Meanwhile, we’ve had an 8-game losing streak, are now in the midst of a 6-game losing streak, are only the second team in the “post-shootout MLS era to have two separate 6-game losing streaks in the same season” (thanks Matt Doyle), and will most likely have the fewest points of any 34-game season in the club’s entire history, but don’t worry fam — everything is fine.

Despite what rumors might be going around and questions might be getting asked by pundits around the league, I am 99% sure that Hudson will still be the Rapids head coach at the beginning of the 2019 season.

First, the club is still paying Pablo Mastroeni’s salary until the end of next year, so there’s no chance they’re going to pay three head coach salaries at once.

Perhaps, more importantly, is the ego at stake here. As much as they talked Hudson up at the beginning of the year, there is no way that Padraig Smith and the Front Office are going to take the backlash from firing a coach less than a year after hiring him. Even though Hudson’s career record indicated otherwise, I’m sure the FO never imagined things could possibly get this bad.

I would guess that, in their opinion, he deserves at least a couple of years to get a handle on things. Because, after all, many coaches and players (including our very own Danny Wilson) talk about how MLS is a more difficult league than they expected. It takes some European players most of a season to get used to MLS play (as we saw with Shkelzen Gashi in 2016), so why not extend the same courtesy to Coach Hudson?

Because with the likes of Tim Hinchey, Claudio Lopez, and Pablo Mastroeni out of the picture, we were supposed to get something different. Instead, it’s more of the same old mess under the leadership of Padraig Smith and Wayne Brant. Of course, there have been (very few) bright moments, like the signing of Kellyn Acosta, but with no accountability and no meaningful change, this club is just going to continue to be run into the ground.

We have four games left this season and I don’t even want to watch. I will because of BW, but how can the Rapids expect fans to keep watching and keep paying to see this? Again, I hate to say that because I want to support the players—as hard as it is to watch these games could you imagine being the one playing in them?

I can’t pretend to know what it’s like for every aspect of your job to be under scrutiny and I don’t like giving my opinion about someone else’s livelihood, but after a season like this?

Heads should ROLL.

We keep hearing “we know what we need to do and where we are going,” but at this point, does anyone really believe that the people in charge right now can get this club anywhere besides the bottom of the table? If we come into the 2019 season with the exact same coaching staff and Front Office as we’re heading out of 2018 with, I don’t think there is much hope left for this organization.