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How can the Rapids possibly increase season ticket prices?

The price of season tickets are going up in 2019, despite one of the worst seasons in club history.

John A. Babiak - @Photog_JohnB

The Colorado Rapids are on track for the second-worst season in club history. With six games left in the season, not a gimme in sight, and only 24 points total, there is a good chance they won’t break 30 points this year. So when I saw this come through in my email today, I was... surprised.

Via email on 9/21/18

I’m not going to weigh in on the topic of renewing season tickets in general, but I am 100 percent sure that there is absolutely no justification for raising season ticket prices for 2019 (there will be a slight increase in prices for the C38 sections as well). Even during a bad season, I could understand an increase if Dick’s was still a fortress, but we also have one of the worst home records (currently 5-7-3).

Since 2016, the Rapids have increased ticket prices each year by anywhere from 4-25%, depending on where you sit. Which I get - coming off the 2016 season, it was acceptable to raise prices. Moving into 2018 there was a lot of hope. But things are different this time. We constantly hear “we know what we need to do” coming from the club, but fans know that we are handcuffed by our two DP contracts until the end of 2019, which doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence that next year is going to be all that different.

All the while, long-time season ticket holders complain that the perks are getting fewer each year and it’s cheaper to just wait and get tickets off the marketplace if you decide to go to a game.

While I have no idea what the actual numbers are, I know many season ticket holders who have been around for years are not renewing next year. I’d imagine there are very few new STH sign-ups (but I could be wrong).

When I reached out to the Rapids for a comment, I received this statement: “Today is the last day to lock in 2018 Season Ticket pricing for the 2019 season. We’ve had an Early Pricing Window for a number of years now, which allows current members to renew at the lowest rate for the following season and those placing deposits on new memberships to lock in pricing early for the next season.

One aspect that doesn’t change is that Entry Level Season Ticket Pricing will remain at the flat rate of $20 per match. Also, the price increase after the Early Pricing Window can vary from $0-5 per match based on the availability and demand. This means multiple sections in the stadium will not have a price increase over the 2018 rates. Another aspect to note is that any Adult Season Ticket Member who renewed their 2019 membership didn’t have an increase on their season ticket price.”