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Meet the couple that got engaged during #COLvHOU last weekend

Marcos Ortiz and Sheila Simpson, both from Denver, got engaged in front of thousands of people at the Rapids game last week.

Photo Courtesy Ryan Madden

Marcos Ortiz and Sheila Simpson have been together for almost seven years, so naturally, the topic of marriage came up every once in a while. While getting proposed to in front of thousands of people at a sports venue wasn’t Simpson’s idea of a dream engagement, Ortiz felt it would be meaningful to ask her at a Rapids game. “It’s an intimate venue. I love the Rapids,” Ortiz says. “And I knew my parents would be there to surprise them as well since they grew up watching fútbol their entire lives.”

Ortiz has been following the Colorado Rapids since they won the MLS Cup in 2010, but says that “once they signed Dillon Serna [in 2013], I became an avid fan.”

Photo Courtesy Marcos Ortiz

Ortiz credits his season ticket rep, Max Grillo, for making the proposal happen. “The guy has an awesome soul,” he says of Grillo. “He’s been there for every need I have. My dad (who is a little older) attends the games with me more than anyone and Max accommodates us every which way he can. I called him and threw the idea by him and he never promised anything, but he never said no either. He deserves more credit than I know he’ll take because that’s the kind of guy he is.”

When the moment came, Ortiz was “worried that she would see our entire family in the stands and that would ruin the surprise. I think because the Rapids staff gave us personal chaperones she started to figure it out on her own. It made me happy, but I was never nervous.”

The newly engaged are planning their wedding for fall of 2019, and we wish them nothing but the best!