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Colorado Rapids Practice Notes: May 8, 2018

Updates on Aigner, Gashi, Blomberg, Ford, Boateng, Boli, Serna, and Hairston

John A. Babiak - @Photog_JohnB

I was able to stay after practice yesterday and talk to Anthony Hudson a bit about Aigner and the situation with the forwards. Read my questions and Hudson’s answers here, and then check out my other notes below.

Stefan Aigner

When I got to practice, he was not there, but I heard that he made a quick appearance and then went to do his own workout. After practice, I asked Hudson for an update on the Aigner situation and he said “it’s down to performance. Me and him have been talking a lot, he knows what he needs to do, and we’re just waiting for him to do that.”

I did find out that he is actually participating in 3 sessions per day. Aigner gets out to DSGP at 8 a.m. and works out, participates with the team/does some technical work while everyone else is there, and then comes back at 4 p.m. for video review.

Shkelzen Gashi

Gashi was switching back and forth with Enzo Martinez with the starters and the second team. He fully participated in training and then left when the first group of players went back to the locker room a few minutes before everyone else.

Johan Blomberg

Blomberg ran some laps around the practice field and Hudson said he is still day-to-day right now.

Kortne Ford

Ford warmed up and did some drills on the sideline with a trainer. The 10-week mark from his initial injury is this Saturday, so he’s getting there but still isn’t fully participating in practice scrimmages or full-team drills.

Nana Boateng

Boateng warmed up with the team and was working on some drills with a trainer. He was also doing some light headers, so he’s out of concussion protocol. He did not participate in any scrimmaging with the team.

Yannick Boli and Dillon Serna

Both Boli and Serna were practicing with the starters. After training, Hudson said that “Yannick is still miles off it physically. He actually needed a preseason and I thought he was making a lot of progress, but he still needed a lot more work.”

Marlon Hairston

Hairston came out and warmed up with the team and did a few drills but then left practice, presumably for PT or to work on some fitness-type activities inside.