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Colorado Rapids Practice Notes: May 28, 2018

Updates on Aigner, Hairston, Ford, and Blomberg.

Abbie Mood

As I’ve mentioned before, the Monday training after a Saturday game is usually an easy day for the Colorado Rapids. But thanks to a Friday game this week, they are off Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday are closed practices. Everyone was present today.

Tim Howard doesn’t usually come out to the training field on Mondays, but was there today doing some drills. He and Zac MacMath challenged two U-23 guys (one of which was Will Pulisic) to a game of soccer tennis to warm up. Assistant Coach Chris Sharpe was the referee and the pros ended up a little on the salty side after losing in front of half the Rapids media corps. (But it was all in good fun.)

Stefan Aigner

Aigner walked out to the training pitch with Padraig Smith and then started jogging around the field to warm up. The rest of the team made their way out and everyone jogged around, but Aigner didn’t join the group. He then worked with a trainer on the sideline for a bit before going back inside.

Also, Cealey Godwin tweeted today (5/29) that Aigner declined her interview request.

Abbie Mood

After almost everyone else went inside, a few of the guys who haven’t been playing much plus the players coming back from injury stayed out to play a little 4v4. The guys out there were Marlon Hairston, Kortne Ford, Johan Blomberg, Micheal Azira, Kip Colvey, Dillon Serna, and Jack McBean, and then Conor Casey was the 8th man.

They all ran sprints afterward.

Marlon Hairston

Hairston was playing hard and getting some great shots off with his left foot.

Kortne Ford

Ford was also playing at what seemed to be pretty close to 100%. He took a diving header and a few slide tackles during play.

Johan Blomberg

Blomberg was also part of the 4v4 and man are we missing his delivery in games. I can’t wait for him to come back.