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Hudson says Aigner has “fitness issues,” hasn’t seen “a willingness to help the team”

The Rapids head coach opened up to 9News reporter Cealey Godwin.

John A. Babiak - @Photog_JohnB

Colorado Rapids Head Coach Anthony Hudson gave 9News reporter Cealey Godwin more insight into the Stefan Aigner situation in a segment that aired last night. Hudson mentioned, again, that there have been fitness issues and “even Stefan to his credit has been honest about it.” But there is more to it than that. Hudson went on to explain that they’ve given Aigner an extra day of rest, offered to change his position and even the “shape and structure of the team.” Hudson added, “The disappointing part is that we need to see a willingness. The ball is really in his court. I don’t think I’ve given this many opportunities to a player in my life.”

So while many people are still focusing on the fitness issue comment, it really seems as though Hudson has been giving Aigner opportunities to show that he’s willing to contribute to the team, and the effort hasn’t been there. Perhaps when Aigner was brought in last season, he was told that his role would be xyz, and then when Hudson came in, things changed and Aigner isn’t on board. Perhaps there is more to the story and Hudson isn’t willing to completely air the team’s dirty laundry.

That being said, there are always two sides to every story, and Cealey is working to get an interview with Aigner.

Check out the full interview here for more context around the quotes above, what position(s) Hudson and Aigner have discussed, and some other questions about the losing streak and taking on Portland at home this evening.