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Breaking Burgundy: Rapids Week 9 in Review

The Good, The Bad and The Burgundy

MLS: New York Red Bulls at Colorado Rapids Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Here at Breaking Burgundy we will take a look at this week’s game (or games) and how our Colorado Rapids performed. We’ll also identify a key player for Breaking Burgundy Player of the Week honors, as well as some random observations from yours truly.

Let’s get to it!

The Good

Four game losing streaks mean:

The Bad

Giving up an early goal

A lot has been made of how the Rapids “dominated” this game, and while this is true to a certain extent, it’s still not good to concede in the first five minutes to a team in the kind of form the New York Red Bulls have been in. You’re going to have to dominate play and look to generate chances. The Red Bulls generally are not a possess and build-up team. They have had roughly 49% of the possession so far this year and on their current three-game streak they have not had more than 47% possession. The Red Bulls are perfectly comfortable allowing teams to possess the ball and then pressuring to generate turnovers and quick scoring opportunities.

So while the Rapids “dominated” they really just played into the strategy the Jesse Marsch and company prefer.

Secondly, you’re playing at home, at altitude against a team who had to travel from New York to Denver. The home field advantage in MLS is generally pretty strong. Most home teams dominate categories like possession, shots, shots on target passes completed and that sort of thing you would expect the Rapids to have the advantage in these categories but it simply wasn't enough.

Blown calls?

There are times where blaming the official is perfectly acceptable. I’m not sure that I would consider this one of those times. The Rapids conceded early and were unable to pull a goal back until Jack McBean tapped in a rebound off of Luis Robles in the 85th minute.

No the officiating was not ideal. There were other questionable decisions as well during the course of this game, but the reality is that the Rapids lost and the blame doesn’t rest on the officials, it rests on the Rapids themselves.

The Ugly

Four-game losing streak
Four losses in a row is bad. But here is some encouragement from Mr. Jack Price:

Yellow Cards

By the way, Jack Price will not be available for the match against NYCFC due to yellow card accumulation. UGH. I guess when it rains it really does pour.

Player of the Week

If there is a silver lining here, it’s that Kortne Ford and Marlon Hairston are making progress towards coming back, and some young players and depth are beginning to develop (like Sam Nicholson and Deklan Wynne). We have a talented pool of strikers who just need time on the field together to begin to form partnerships. Enzo Martinez has been a revelation. Shkelzen Gashi looks like he can be a difference maker if he can stay healthy. Things are not all gloom and doom.

This team still has a ways to go and while a four-game losing streak followed by a trip to play NYCFC at Yankee Stadium are difficult to swallow, this team is still developing. The West is WIDE OPEN and there is still some hope.