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Colorado Rapids Practice Notes: April 25, 2018

Updates on Wilson, Aigner, Hairston, Mason, Blomberg, Gashi, Mason, Ford, Miller

John A. Babiak - @Photog_JohnB

There was a lot going on today!

Danny Wilson

John A. Babiak - @Photog_JohnB

He’s back! He was working with Tommy Smith and the first team and seemed to easily jump back in. Axel Sjoberg was back with the second team, but looked great. I’d like to think there’s some competition for that spot, but we’ll likely see Wilson back on the pitch this weekend, considering that he was in the 18 vs. Real Salt Lake last Saturday.

Stefan Aigner

Aigner was practicing with the second team and then left about halfway through to work on his fitness.

With questions swirling around Aigner’s obvious absence from the starting lineup—or even the game day 18—Anthony Hudson told Matt Pollard of LWOS that “now it’s down to performance and him having to make the 18. It’s as simple as that. The detail of that is between me and him.” So now we know that Aigner is not injured and it’s been coach’s decision to hold him out, but we are all looking forward his return to the pitch.

Marlon Hairston

John A. Babiak - @Photog_JohnB

Today was the first time I’ve seen Hairston out since his surgery in the first week of April. The recovery time was originally estimated to be 2-3 weeks, and today was 3 weeks since his surgery, so hopefully he’ll be getting into some drills by next week.

Johan Blomberg

At one point in the game on Saturday, Blomberg went down and was attended to by a trainer. He went down again later in the game but seemed fine. Today, Blomberg came out a little later than everyone else and spent some time hanging out with Marly on the hill. My guess is that it’s just a precaution, but we’ll see if he starts this weekend.

Shkelzen Gashi

Gashi was practicing with the regular starters today! Maybe it was because Blomberg was out, but either way, it’s nice to see him getting some time with the starters.

Joe Mason

Also back! Mason was paired up with Dominique Badji and the regular starters in the larger team drills.

Kortne Ford

Ford looks to be getting stronger every week. Today, he was working on some sprinting and skill drills on the sideline.

Eric Miller

Miller had been dealing with a calf strain for the past couple weeks, but was in full training today.