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Stand for the Fords: Rapids’ Kortne Ford and his mom Laurie need our support

Kortne Ford’s mom Laurie needs our support as her cancer numbers have increased.

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Just last week we heard that Joshua Gatt’s wife Melissa was diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma, and now we’ve heard some sad news regarding the cancer situation of Kortne Ford’s mom Laurie.

According to the Laurie Ford Cancer Support GoFundMe page:

In recent months, however, those numbers have begun to climb again. This indicates that new and more extensive treatments are necessary. With that, comes a new round of out of pocket medical expenses in 2018.

Among those medical expenses is a test that would determine the exact type of chemo that would specifically target her type of cancer cells. This test comes at a cost of $10,000 that is not covered by insurance.

In addition, Laurie makes a three hour round trip drive for treatments 5 days a week. These, too, are not covered by insurance. She does this while continuing to hold down her full-time job.

You may recall that on May 5, 2017, during the 24th minute of the Rapids home game against the Vancouver Whitecaps, everyone in the stands stood to share their support for Kortne and Laurie. It was one of the most special moments Dick’s Sporting Goods Park has seen. The financial support, along with the expression of cares and prayers sent her way, has helped so much.

Stand for the Fords

But they need our help again. Visit Laurie Ford’s GoFundMe page if you are able to help out financially, but if not, they’ll take your thoughts, prayers, and shares—anything helps.