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UPDATED: MLS Live is moving to ESPN+

MLS Live will be free until the launch of ESPN+ this spring.

John A. Babiak - @Photog_JohnB

Last month, MLS Soccer announced that MLS Live was moving to ESPN+, a new platform that the sports network is launching this spring.

A subscription to ESPN+ will cost $4.99/month, which comes to $59.88 for the year (MLS Live was $79.99/year last year). Besides getting out-of-market MLS matches (that aren’t nationally televised) subscribers will have access to MLB and NHL games, the PGA Tour, and college basketball and football games.

There doesn’t seem to be an official launch date for ESPN+, so between the start of the season on March 3rd and whenever the app is ready, MLS Live will be free on, the MLS App, Apple TV, and Roku.


From an MLS Press Release:

“MLS fans in the U.S. will enjoy free access to MLS out-of-market streaming games via MLS LIVE until the launch this spring of ESPN+, the direct-to-consumer streaming product from ESPN and BAMTECH Media. Following the spring launch, MLS LIVE will be available to fans exclusively on ESPN+ as part of the $4.99 monthly subscription. During the free access period prior to the launch of ESPN+, MLS LIVE is available for fans at and on the MLS Mobile App, Apple TV and Roku and will provide fans the opportunity to stream up to eight (8) out-of-market matches each week. In addition, MLS Direct Kick is back for 2018 and is available for $89.00 on DIRECTV and iN DEMAND.

For more information, go to or or contact your local cable provider.”