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Holding the High Line Episode 2: Ceiling Art

The latest podcast from Rapids Rabbi and LWOS’ Matt Pollard.

On episode two, your intrepid podcasters cover who the Rapids might keep for those last coveted spots on their MLS roster. Will they keep Charlotte’s Enzo Martinez? Do any of the SuperDraft pick stand a chance to make the team? Can the team figure out a way to add a New Zealander like Deklan Wynne if they’re already over-the-limit on international slots?

In the second segment Matt Pollard goes on a fantastic mathematical journey to uncover how much TAM the Rapids have left, and if that means they’ll be able to buy anybody else if they want to. If. They. Want. To.

Then the Rabbi wraps up with a discussion of ‘The New Moneyball Rapids’. The Rapids needed a striker and a creative midfielder. So instead they went and got centerbacks. Most MLS teams look for rising talent in South America, while the Rapids went and got castoffs from England and Scotland. This might not be as dumb as it sounds.

Finally, “This Week In Rapids History” gives us a look back at a SuperDraft pick from the early ‘00s - ‘The Aughts’. It turned out pretty good! With one significant caveat...

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