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CCL Leg 2 Game Recap: Toronto FC 0 - Colorado Rapids 0

The Rapids came out with a draw in Toronto, but it wasn’t enough thanks to TFC’s two goals in Colorado.

MLS: Concacaf Champions League-Colorado Rapids at Toronto FC Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Today’s match between the Colorado Rapids and Toronto FC in Canada was a balmy 40-plus degrees compared to the single-degree weather in Colorado last week. Head Coach Anthony Hudson mixed up the starting XI this week, but Greg Vanney stuck with his regular starting squad.

Again, the Rapids started out putting pressure on TFC, but forward Jack McBean was shown a yellow card just three minutes in. He went up for a header against Jonathan Osorio and the referee felt it was worthy of a card (I disagree).

As usual, Sebastian Giovinco used his speed to get up the field quickly, but—again—didn’t take advantage of it in the first half. He had a great look at one point but Kortne Ford got just enough of a little tug on him to throw off the shot.

The Rapids had a couple of chances from free kicks—and Jack Price got them right in the box—but Toronto was able to clear the ball out.

The Burgundy Boys had some decent build-up about halfway through the first half and McBean had a great shot that started dipping down but ended up going over. Dominique Badji hit the post in the 41st minute, which would have given the Rapids some momentum heading into the second half.

Instead, the score going into the half was 0-0.

The Rapids came out of the half looking tired again, but seemed to pick it up as things went on. Badji had a nice chance early that went right to Bono. Badji got several shots off throughout the game but nothing was particularly difficult for Bono to save.

Hudson decided to sub two players this time, with Edgar Castillo coming in for Johan Blomberg and Niki Jackson coming in for Jack McBean in the 66th minute. I’m trying not to judge Blomberg since it was his first time out, but I wasn’t super impressed so far.

Both sides had a few more shots, and it was great to see some offense being generated from the Rapids. At the end of 90+ minutes, though, it ended 0-0, which means that Toronto moves on thanks to the two goals they scored last week.

Again, Price managed the midfield and got the offense going. Enzo Martinez played well in the first half but was pretty quiet in the second half. Ford showed his speed and played well (except for the Gio take-down), but Tommy Smith got beat several times, which allowed the Reds to get into dangerous positions. MacMath proved that he’s a starting caliber keeper and consistently kept the Rapids in the game. The big problems were finishing and shot quality, so I’ll be interested to see how Joe Mason can impact those two areas.