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Holding the High Line, Episode 4: Big Chill at DSGP

An #SCCL2018 review, the Joe Mason deal is sealed, and pink kits in MLS? The guys cover it all and more in this week’s edition.

Big Red was extra red Tuesday night as he felt compelled to live-tweet the game from his computer in 3-degree temperatures with bare hands. The rabbi, meanwhile, wore two pairs of gloves, two pairs of socks, two jackets, and four sweaters. That’s not an exaggeration.

Mark and Matt talk about positives and negatives from the game and looked at the overall tactical approach, ball movement, and defensive preparedness.

Joe Mason was signed on a loan deal from Wolverhampton and the guys ask: is this a good move? Finally, a discussion about the new burgundy primary kits, and if a pink kit will ever happen in MLS.

For those that have been begging for improvements, the intro. music got shorter, but not better. Please, I’m begging you: if you can play an instrument other than the accordion and want to record 30 seconds of decent music—hip-hop freestyle, rockabilly, polka, whatever—you could be the intro to a smash-hit podcast. I mean, when and if we become a smash hit.

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