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Holding the High Line Episode 3: CCL Fever!

Rabbi and Red talk all things Toronto FC, as the treble-winning behemoth make their way to Colorado for next Tuesday’s CCL clash.

We open with our two hosts engaged in a critical and possibly podcast-defining question. Is early podcast chit-chat a laudable endeavor that lightens the mood and invites in the listener? Or rather, is it a pointless waste of what could have been a good tactical discussion?

Then the fellas get properly into actual football. It starts with some Rapids news, like a long-awaited loan deal, a new goalkeeper, and another striker transfer rumor.

Then all attention turns to the first game (!) of the season, as the Colorado Rapids prepare to host reigning MLS Champions (And Canadian Champions. And Supporters Shield winners) Toronto FC. We talk possible formations and personnel for the Reds, the expected tactics for both sides in the match, and add our sincere hopes for another Snow Classico that would certainly give the underdog Rapids a better chance to win.

The guys finish with an attempt to predict the Rapids starting XI for this match. Spoiler alert: there are so many unknowns here, we’re both likely to be totally wrong. This is must-listen if you want to go into CCL with some knowledge. Or even if you want to hear our ideas in order so you can completely disagree with us angrily and out loud on your drive to work today.