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The podcast debut of ‘Holding the High Line with Rabbi and Red’

A new Rapids Podcast. Long on tactics. And occasionally tacos and beer.

Maybe you like Rapids soccer analysis on your drive to work. Maybe you have a friend who loves soccer, but hates to read. Maybe you’re still searching for a replacement for the Flakoglost podcast, which met it’s untimely demise far too soon. Maybe you’ve only got 12 soccer podcasts on your smartphone, and you need a baker’s dozen.

Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered.

Rapids Rabbi of Burgundy Wave and Matt Pollard of Last Word on Sports are collaborating to do a weekly podcast on all things Rapids. It’ll be shortish at around 40 minutes, nerdish and tactical, since we are so inclined, and occasionally snarky and/or merciless towards our beloved ‘Pids.

You can subscribe on iTunes or Blubrry right now.

Or, if you prefer to be low-tech, you can listen below.

This first week, the guys introduce themselves, the podcast, and how they came up with it. They go through a full 2018 depth chart as the team stands today and talk about how Colorado could play this year.

They finish off talking goals and expectations for the rest of preseason and have a laugh with ‘This Week in Rapids History.’ Raise your hands if you own a Jose Burciaga or Chase Hilgenbrinck jersey!

Episode 1 - Holding the Highline with Rabbi and Red