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Game Recap: FC Dallas 2, Colorado Rapids 0


MLS: Colorado Rapids at FC Dallas
Burling upending Lamah with a rough hip check in the first half might have been the best moment in this game for Colorado.
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Are you hear to read the recap because you decided not to watch this game? Well then, that was a good decision by you. Once again, the Rapids confirmed that they are not a very good soccer team, letting a Dallas team that had been in total free fall coming into this game punch them in the mouth early, eat up possession, and then stick around for a 2-0 win.

The pain came early. In just the 6th minute, on a foul and quick restart, Hernán Grana drilled a ground pass from the right side across the box at eight yards out, finding Maynor Figueroa on the far post for a goal.

Only three minutes later, Mauro Diaz hit a lofted long pass 25 yards down the right wing to Hérnan Grana. Grana dribbled to the end line and cut it back beautifully to Roland Lamah streaking in on goal. Lamah knocked it home, and Dallas was up 2 to nil.

Dallas spent the rest of the half dominating possession over the hapless Rapids, who, when they did recover, were barely capable of stringing together four good passes. The Rapids would get one shot in the half, after Atiba Harris fouled Mohammed Saeid 36 yards out from goal. Saeid hit a great free kick into the top left corner, but Dallas keeper Jesse Gonzalez made a nice save. The half ended with the Rapids picking up two silly yellow cards, born out of frustration, as Stefan Aigner got mouthy with referee Ricardo Salazar, and Mo Saeid hit a Dallas player in the face with a ball.

It was more of the same for the second half, as Dallas controlled possession and olé-ed the ball around the field through the first 20 minutes of the half, with one exception. Dillon Serna made a great midfield steal in the 53rd minute and threaded a nice pass to Dominique Badji, forcing Jesse Gonzalez to make a good save.

The Rapids took a little more command of the ball for the final 20 minutes as Dallas looked to preserve their lead with a bit of conservativism. Colorado put three or four players against the back line, leaving no one in the middle to make passes and runs, as the team loped long passes aimlessly into the defense. A few long shots and misshapen attacks later, full time expired and the whistle was blown.

The Rapids return to DSGP to play Montreal this Saturday evening, but with their loss tonight, the team has been eliminated from the playoffs. The games now are to be played for nothing more than pride, but after this loss, there is precious little pride left amongst this Rapids team.